Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Banking Career Advice from a POSB Professional

Banking jobs are very popular in our database. The industry of banking is a consistent top-notcher in our industry listings, really. Well, there's nothing surprising about that. Banking jobs are rewarding -- personally and materially. That's the reason why job seekers look for them. Such jobs provide good compensation and the kind of training that they give is one that leads to overwhelmingly good career prospects. To describe a banking job as a perfect way to live a professional life with money and numbers is an understatement, even.

Through JobsDB SG's years of providing career resources, we've interviewed many professionals in the B&F industry. We hope that in one way or another you have been able to use those pieces of advice they've thoughtfully shared to you. You need more banking career advice? For our latest Industry Focus, we have interviewed another banking professional. Koh Kar Siong is the Managing Director of POSB Consumer Banking Group. A part of the DBS Group, POSB is the largest local bank in Singapore. You are sure to pick great things in this interview.

Looking to join POSB's happy family? Kar Siong gave some tips to you. When asked what kind of qualities POSB looks for in staff, he told us, "the key qualities that POSB looks for in candidates include the confidence to lead with humility and the passion to serve with grace."

You can read Kar Siong's complete interview @ www.jobsdb.com.sg/Singapore's Industry Focus page. BTW, you can also watch this interview in video. Be sure to check the video out.

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