Friday, March 5, 2010

Getting Past the Present Job Market's Challenges

"It's tough out there". That's how many of the job seekers we've talked to describe today's job market. Truth be told and much to our chagrin, job hunting has become so tedious. What was once a good-enough-for-challenges-but-not-too-pressing task has become quite a dangerous battle for us. Even though the present employment market is tamer than before, judging by the sudden surge of jobs in our database these past few months, the economy is still on its way to stability and no one can be sure when exactly it will hand over full favors to job seekers. Even though the economy's improving and that can be felt in some sectors of the society, as a job seeker, you shouldn't put down your aggressiveness. If you want a job, then do everything possible, touch as much resources as you can and never let your positivity wane to get it. Competition is tough in the job market-- you're not the only one looking for a job and there will always be someone better than you.

We don't repeat what we've already said before and so don't expect this post to be a summary of all of the job hunting tips we've shared in the past. We desire to help every job seeker we encounter land a job. That having said, time is precious to us. Everyday, we try to come up with new articles which we deem could help job seekers in some way or another. Have you been following our posts diligently but nothing seems to be working? Maybe, the current climate isn't letting you shine. Like what we've always been saying, don't give up. Job hunting these days can tire up even the most optimistic of minds. Here are three more tips for you to try:

Stop sending generic resumes. Make your resume fit every job you wish to apply to. Your resume is the first thing about you that employers see. You should make yours as fitting as possible to the positions they are offering to increase chances of getting noticed.

In interviews, know the answers before the questions are asked. In other words, research about job interviews as much as you can to prepare.

Send cold mails. It doesn't matter if they're not hiring. You have nothing to lose anyway. You're doing this to increase your chances at landing a job.

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