Monday, March 8, 2010

Of Self Confidence and Thank You Notes

Self confidence is needed in job search. Singapore gives an alternative to those job seekers who aren’t sure about their people skills.

Self confidence is the issue with most job seekers. And to think that's important to pass job interviews. There's no chance for you to pass your job interviews if you don't believe in your own abilities. The thing with job interviews is, you need to be able to communicate with the interviewer your goals and skills set with grace and composure while under pressure and in such a short period of time. Self confidence is needed to be able to do that.

Self confidence is not learned. It's something that some people were born with. If you're part of the shy crowd, how can you ace job interviews then? There's no way to pass up the task of talking in job search. After all, that's the very reason why job interviews are a part of the recruitment process -- so that companies could judge you real time. Stereotypes will always be there, but you shouldn't let your insecurities beat your chances up. You have to try to make yourself sound composed while you’re being interviewed --- show an attitude that could at least pass as self confidence. You shouldn't let your interviewer scare you.

Just because you're not good with people, doesn't mean that your confident counterparts have better chances of acing a job than you. Yes, those born with self confidence are better of in some way, but you still have some cards to play. Your ace may come in the form of a sample thank you note.

What is a thank you note? It's exactly what its name says. Sending thank you notes is essential for you because it will show your interviewers your determination. It will tell them how serious you are about the position and that you are grateful they took the time to invite you. It's not difficult to write one. You can find hundreds of samples online. Try it for your next job interview and don’t hesitate to tell us the outcome. We'll be waiting.

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