Monday, March 29, 2010

The "Physics" of Body Language

Another commentary from Singapore.

We remember posting an article about body language in relation to job hunting in this blog of ours two weeks ago. We mentioned there that job seekers should watch their body language because sloppy actions could communicate negative things about them -- it could communicate unreliability and inability to handle pressure. These two impressions are what job seekers should erase from their facades to begin with and so, the shy types should do their best to counter their fear of speaking and watch carefully the tense parts of their bodies to do great. Yes, that's the perfect way to summarize what we remember including in said post.

TBH, we're not satisfied with how the article turned out. It missed a lot of things -- we weren't able to include the specific things about body language that job seekers should watch out for in order to do great. This is to fill in that big gaping loophole.

It's all about showing confidence. Your goal as a job seeker is to show that you are the best and that you can be trusted; confidence happens to be that one impression that could give you the most favor when it comes to that. But don't worry, it's very easy to wear the "confident impression". Standing straight and making eye contact will do the trick.

While you are being interviewed, try to stay relaxed as much as possible. But don't be too stiff. Try to use your hands when talking but, don't overdo it. The worst posture when being interviews is to fold your arms across your chest. That will make you look un-open.

The Conclusion:

By standing tall before the interview, making eye contacts while being interviewed and giving a firm handshake after the talk, you'll be able to make a good impression.

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