Thursday, July 15, 2010

Because we still have a lot to say. Is it really now a job seekers market? How has the market been treating you?

It's now a news season of "Hiring expectations in Singapore are at their highest levels" and "Balance of power swinging back to job seekers". We're not trying to play the Grinch here, but we're really interested to know, do you agree with these reports?

Why are we asking again? The results of our latest survey aren't in sync with what the periodicals are reporting about the Singapore work world (Update: so far, out of 2000+ respondents, 80.43% or a total number of 2162 have answered no) and we can't get over this fact. Many of our social media followers also have the same sentiments: "no" comments from a good number of our facebookers and linkedin members, job seekers and career changers alike, are what made us want to visit this topic...again. So, are you one of them?

Surveys from recruiting specialists are harvesting the same results. The job market has begun shifting from being employer-driven to candidate-driven, according to Ambition. This agrees with what Hays has recently released : "Counter offers are on the rise. This trend is likely to continue over the next 12 months as employers fight to retain their key talent." These words still echo in our heads.

Companies worrying about staff retention denotes an improved job market. Hiring expectations are more than twice as high as they were a year ago, according to Hudson. Our jobs portal has experienced a boost in jobs this quarter too (specifically Accountancy Jobs, Banking Jobs, Construction Jobs, IT Jobs, Oil Jobs and Pharmaceutical Jobs) . We believe that the economy has improved a lot in terms of business performance, market outlook, hiring trends, and salary increments because we've experienced this optimism first-hand.

Opinions vary. It's not like periodicals are making things up -- the surveyors have explained their methodology and parameters properly. As for your in-agreement, maybe you just haven't found your momentum yet? Patience is a key term here, but don't get the idea that we're criticising your job hunting strategy. If you're up for it, we suggest you also try networking. It's the easiest way to access the elusive hidden jobs market.

Being unemployed gives one too much free time. Maybe that's what drives you to extreme frustration? One good thing to fight off career inactivity is joining training seminars and skills trainings. We know, these events come with a heavy price tag, but joining them has many benefits. Them being particularly useful in establishing credentials is just one. You might want to visit and Career Events for options.

Job hunting is also about luck. Whether you agree with the surveys and our point in this post or not, we just want you to keep on trying. BTW, if you want to read the reports that we've made references here, please go to News Watch. singapore
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