Friday, July 9, 2010

Before you take a job offer... 10 questions to contemplate on.

The economy is bouncing back. There's renewed optimism in the job market. To take the job offer or not to -- that's now the question. Singapore gives you its evaluation parameters.

Let Singapore begin this post with one of its favorite liners: Job dissatisfaction is the number one cause of career change. There's a reason why we sound like scolding mothers when we talk about job hunting and those things that go under it e.g. resume writing, making cover letters, preparing for a job interview. Job hunting is a crucial stage in career building -- pick the wrong job and you'll end up contemplating about a career transition after just a few months. There's nothing wrong with resetting, we know, but too much of it can be toxic to your career. Too much of "moving on" will give you a less-than-attractive personal brand -- the whole work world will see it a sign of flakiness and lack of initiative.

So, what about job offers? What we want to say is this: the job offers stage is still a guards-up stage. Don't accept a job offer just because it's the first one to come along. Salary in itself isn't a worthy basis too. Writing a resume requires that you revisit your career quirks -- evaluating job offers entails the need to do the same activity.

We're just making things complicated? Wrong. There's nothing that's not complex in the Singapore work world. We suggest you ask yourself these questions before signing anything:

Will the company ask you to submit certain documents? Will you have a problem RE that?

Think of your overall skills set and working experience. Is the offered salary good enough?

Or if you like the job but the salary is low, based on your impression of your interviewers, do you think that the company is fair enough in grading promotions?

Do you understand what the position being offered requires from you? Is it something that appeals to your interests? Is it something that you CAN learn to do?

Were the benefits discussed clearly? Why settle for a job that cannot accommodate your needs when there are thousands of other out there that can do that?

Like it or not, learning is essential to career growth. Was training discussed on the application? Accepting a job that doesn't offer learning opportunities is like signing yourself up for a dead-end destination.

How is the company financially? This is to avoid unnecessary worries about growth in the future.

Are you okay with the company's environment? If you're a laid-back type of person, a heavily corporate environment may bother you. And vice versa.

The job location also matters. Is the travel time too much?

What do you feel about the offer and the company? There's a reason why many people trust their gut feelings.
There's no such thing as a perfect job offer; these parameters will help you weigh in the advantages and disadvantages of each of your offers. If you think you need help, then get help. Speak to family members and friends -- a third party viewpoint can help you get things into perspective. Good Luck! Singapore
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