Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Looking to achieve career success? How do your employee skills measure up, then?

We're not fans of cliches and metaphors, but for today's opening, we cannot find a better alternative to this: Career success is a destination -- to get there, you are going to have to equip yourself with tools. Mawkishly sentimental? We know, but it proves our point very well. It's our stand on career development -- career success is inevitable for a person who recognises his personal passions, has goals, knows the importance of skills training and communicates well with his boss. These are the tools we're talking about.

But we're not describing career success as a luxury or something that only a few people, particularly those with affording powers, can have. Some of these "tools" come with a big demand for time and a heavy price tag, but everyone has equal chances in achieving career success. There's a way you can get them all without stressing yourself too much. How?

The main keywords here are goals and employee skills. Don't worry, identifying goals is not going to play a villain to your pursuit. It's just a matter of listing down your personal passions and seeing them against your desires for the future. Problem number one, eliminated.

As for the other keyword, well, there's a big difference between updating skills and learning new ones and we want you to take note of that before we proceed. How are your negotiation skills, writing skills, and communication skills? Do you lack these "big-three" or do yours just need improvement? Do this to be able to pick the right seminars to attend. In business, precaution is embraced before making investments -- workshops are a form of investment. They may be costly, but beneficial in the long run.

So, on a scale of 1-5 (5 as the highest) how would you rate yourself in terms of employee skills? Whatever score you have in mind right now, we want you to use it in evaluating which skills workshops are the most beneficial for you to join and in what quantity.

Let's start with communication. The corporate world is run by distinct rules of socialisation. What could sway your friends into submission might not work with your boss. And then there's also body language or poise -- the work world is not just about speaking, you know. But don't fret, JobsDB.com Singapore's training arm offers seminars from communication experts. On August 12, for instance, Shirley Taylor and Allison Lester is scheduled to have another session of Successful Business Communication Skills. You can view other seminars here: www.learningdb.com.sg/calendar.htm#communication_skills

Negotiating is a part of doing business, and that's in any job industry. More so if you are or planning to join the industries of Sales and Marketing. LearningDB.com has plenty to offer for your negotiation skills too. Sandra Sandu-Reeves is going to have Winning and Retaining Clients in Tough Times and Polished Presentation Skills, again on September 1 and August 18, respectively.

They say that we are what we write. You're not a copywriter or an editor? That's not our point. The email is now a staple means of communication in the work world. And writing reports is a part of your job description right? It matters. Knowing how to express yourself properly in words will not just impress your boss, but also improve your personal brand in the office. October is a writing month for LearningDB.com. You might want to consider attending the following: Shirley Taylor is going to do another session of Energise Your E-mail Writing Skills on October 22. We also suggest you list down Writing Effective Minutes and Writing in Response to Complaints to your planner. Jolyn Chow will be having them again on October 15 and 14, respectively.

For more information on these seminars, please contact LearningDB.com at 6861 1000 or email to learning@jobsdb.com.sg.

LearningDB.com also offers seminars on Customer Relations, Personal Development, and Microsoft Office. You might be interested. You can check the schedules here.

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