Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Headlines that Matter - Job Industries Ed. Beef up your job hunting with these bits.

We've been researching hard for headlines that matter cycle nine. But due to the success of last Thursday's post, we've decided to press the publish button already. We HAVE to send these now.

What's going on in the HR industry?
Remember Joanne Chua? JobsDB.com Singapore has interviewed her recently about HR career issues. We've featured her on this blog last week too. Anyway, Joanne has discussed with us the Singapore HR market's struggles in 2009, from redundancies to retrenchments. Should you worry? Well, it's 2010 already and we're particularly confident about this industry for the coming months, what with the job market going full on recovery mode.

In which HR areas should you focus your search on for faster results? Good question. But we don't want you to worry about this at all. The fact is, top companies are hiring. Recruitment agencies are hiring HR specialists because of this. HRMasia.com has noted in a July 26 article of theirs that much like information technology, there's also a good number of HR jobs that can be outsourced. This is good news for HR professionals outside Singapore.

Is it good to venture into a career under the SME protocol?
Why not? SMEs are hiring. It just doesn't show because they don't know how to "attract" candidates properly, according to a July 26 article from The Business Times that discusses the latest findings of Strategicom.

Strategicom chief executive Wilson Chew has shared with The Business Times that talents give plenty of importance to long-term career progression in choosing employers. SMEs can offer such a thing, but most of them just don't know how. If you're interested in entering the SME protocol, go online to get more information! Find the websites of the SME's you're interested in to see if their pursuits match with yours. If you find one that fits to a T, go ahead and inquire about openings.

Banks are on a hiring spree.
There's no better way to name this section, really. The optimism bug has finally reached the banking and finance sector, with many banks already enacting ways to increase their man power. Vivian Ng, division director of Robert Half has shared with Today that she's seeing a 20 percent increase in banks' hiring moves especially in sales.

Which banks are hiring? Today has mentioned the following: HSBC, Citibank, DBS, and Standard Chartered. Both HSBC and Citibank are looking to recruit a good number of relationship managers and they're entertaining both entry-level and senior applicants for this plan. DBS, on the other hand, is planning to recruit sales staff in line with its regional growth plans. Standard Chartered's hiring plans are the most aggressive according to Today, with it looking to fill 2,000 vacant position over the next two years. OCBC Bank has also been mentioned in the report but no specific positions has been listed.

To apply, you have two options: you can go to our portal for banking jobs or visit the main websites of these banks. Good luck!

Manufacturing's rebounding.
The industry of manufacturing has seen a lot of falls during the recession. But increased activity is being experienced across the industry now, The Straights Times has reported last July 3. Workers are working overtime. Bosses are being more aggressive in hiring. Companies are buying new machinery and more space. This quarter is a good time to test the waters. You might want to check out these manufacturing jobs.

What's up in legal & compliance?
The banking industry's in a good standing; finance lawyers are in high demand. Robert Walters has shared with Today that salaries for these professionals are even expected to rise between 10-20 percent this year. In legal & compliance and looking for a break? Jump start your career with us! You can look for openings in our database.

Hospitality vitality.
We've decided to focus our latest survey question on the hospitality industry for nothing. If nothing else, the hospitality industry in Singapore is very needy right now, due to the recent openings of Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands. Our database is a testament to it -- both these tourism establishments are our clients. Resorts World Sentosa jobs and Marina Bay Sands jobs can easily be found in our database.

BTW, the hospitality industry welcomes professionals from other fields too, and so even though you're an HR professional or a technician, you're also welcome to apply. Resorts World Sentosa, for instance, is currently hiring people from the industries of human resource, sales and accounting.

What's new in the IT industry?
We've said it all yesterday. But here's a rundown: According to the latest Hays Quarterly Report, the sectors of energy, telecommunications and banking are currently in need of experienced IT professionals. Where to find openings? Our database is the most preferred when it comes to IT jobs in Singapore.

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