Friday, July 16, 2010

Your opinions matter on this blog. Learning. Career Change. Job loss. Networking. News = Resource. Do you agree with our views on these?

First things first: This was inspired by a message we had received from Linkedin critiquing the validity of a certain post on this blog. Why do we give Career Advice, anyway? Every step in the career development ladder involves risks and practicality dictates that following "random" tips can be suicidal, but THIS is OUR blog. We think of this as an informal extension of Career Advice -- we write with all our hearts, after all. It's a matter of choosing which to follow and enact or not. Singapore's sworn goal is to help as much people, job seekers and career changers alike, as it can with their career endeavors. Having been in the jobs market business for years, we know what our posts should be about: every article should be responsive towards what our followers demand from us. There's no way we're going to miss that point, we're confident to say, because we listen. In the first place, this is the reason why we have ACTIVE profiles on Linkedin, Facebook, Multiply, and Twitter.

Have we missed something? In this post, we're calling for your opinion. When it comes to career concepts, we're very talkative, really. Let's talk. We want to discuss our views on the most common career topics with you. Read on.

We're pretty confident that we have the same views regarding this as most career counselors. Why do we always say that continuous learning is essential to career growth? Companies undergo changes in order to meet the growing standards of the corporate world; you have to keep your skills timely to stay relevant. Career Events and were built from this belief -- nothing beats joining skills trainings and career workshops when it comes to the goal of updating skills. We also suggest you join job boards and organizations to learn from other professionals.

Career change
One of the most controversial career topics out there. When is the right time to move on? For Singapore, it depends on the situation. Is career change your only option? Would doing so hit your family hard? We remember saying this in one of our Career Advice features: "A career change is a move that should be thought of in all seriousness. Before making the decision, you need to find out if you're fit for a career change." Questions to ponder on:

  • Are you finished soul searching?
  • Can you consider yourself "better" than most job hunters?
  • Is your network enough to get you moving?
  • Are you prepared for the stress?

Job loss
Being retrenched is not the end of the world -- we're confident that many would agree with us on this too. What to do after the loss? Now, this one's where we get mixed comments. For us the things to do after job loss of course, aside from looking for Singapore job openings again, are networking and joining career events from career fairs to seminars. We also believe that getting a contract job is a smart move after job loss -- for your finances and credentials.

We believe that in today's job world, it also matters who knows you. Do you also agree that networking is the real secret of career building? We have two reasons for believing this:
  • Your contacts can provide you emotional support when you need it.
  • They can give you access to the hidden jobs market too, should a career change come to your mind.

Using the news as a career resource.
Change is constant. This is the best way to keep yourself well adapted to what's happening around. Regularly reading news about your field and consulting experts are the best ways to get tips on how you can conquer your chosen career path. What do you think of this?

This is the reason why we have News Watch. Planning a career transition? Reading the news will tell you which industries are accommodating right now. For example, according to the July – September Hays Quarterly Report, employers will be looking to recruit the following skills: Internal Auditors, Finance Managers, Retail Bankers, Business Analysts, Compliance professionals, Programmers, IT Project Managers, Property Managers, and Sales Executives. Singapore
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