Monday, July 5, 2010

In the spotlight: Education Industry. Importance of Training. Skills Development. High Achievers. Positive Energy. "Changing Lives".

Skills training is essential to career development. If you're an avid follower of this blog and our Facebook profile, you should know that we believe in this statement by heart.

This is why Singapore has Career Events and Our goal as a public service website is very simple: we aim to help as much job seekers and employees as we can with their endeavors. Thing is, there's no stopping the work world from changing and you have to be able to cope with this in order to stay relevant and bankable. In today's challenging work world, what employers look for is versatility -- having a wide skills set is a big plus point for job seekers. For employees, keeping skills updated is the surest way to a promotion. How to achieve such statuses? By frequenting learning events.

Our strong belief in the importance of learning in career is what brought us to the office of High Achievers, a known learning solutions provider here in Singapore for Industry Focus. Teacher jobs, professor jobs, instructor jobs -- it goes without saying that the Education Industry is all about changing lives. We've spoken to Julian, Yvonne, Hajar, and Michelle from High Achievers to understand what motivates them and ignites their passion.

Julian Wang, Learning Solutions Consultant, admits that there's difficulty in working for a company that believes in "Changing Lives", but he uses this as a motivation to perform better. "Compared to my previous jobs, working here is much more fulfilling, for they allow you to make mistakes, to learn and to move on." What else does he like about his job at the company? "The high level of trust, of mentoring, of the connection between effort and reward, and of inter and intra-departmental sharing is exemplary and remarkable. "

To be able to interact with many youths from schools is what Yvonne Kong, Lifeskills Trainer, likes the most about her job. "I love the fact that I can influence my students through my interaction and training with them and challenge them to move out of their comfort zones and seek to add value to the world!" Singapore also thinks that being a teacher of time management skills, study skills, leadership skills, and etiquette is a great thing to do for a living. Yvonne also admires the collaborations in High Achievers and is very proud to declare that they really live up to their vision in their working together.

This "collaboration" is also what Hajar Ali, Admin Assistant and Michelle Manese, Accounts Assistant love about working at High Achievers. "I can get all the positive energy that I need in order to do well in my daily work. From my past experience working in other companies, I've never got the chance to see and feel the positive environment", says Hajar. Being a foreigner from the Philippines, Michelle values her new-found friendship with her co-workers a lot. "Having a lot of friends at work is what I really appreciate and I am very thankful that these people welcome me, gave me the chance to be part of High Achievers. "

The people behind the Training and Education Industry is very passionate -- you'll definitely learn a lot from them. Whichever field you're in or eying, don't hesitate to attend learning events as they are very beneficial to your career. Tomorrow we'll post what's new for Stay tuned!

Or maybe you've been inspired to pursue a career in Education? Our database has lecturer openings, teacher jobs, tutor careers and even librarian jobs that you might want to take a look at.

BTW, you can read our complete interview with Julian, Yvonne, Hajar, and Michelle @ focus?ID=388. Singapore
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