Monday, July 26, 2010

Singapore IT industry aspirants, READ THIS!

When it comes to stability, information technology rivals accounting and banking, really. It stood strong during the recession for nothing. This industry's worth praising for its constancy as an economic player, and we're taking today to announce something good for Singapore IT aspirants. Well, we're expecting it to exceed its jobs quota these coming months. There's renewed optimism in the job market after all. The positivity bug's spreading like crazy. The reason why we're calling upon IT professionals like you today is this.

The latest Hays Quarterly Report reveals that many IT positions are in high demand right now. The increase in number of large scale projects in the sectors of banking, telecommunications and energy has resulted in a big demand for candidates with strong technical backgrounds. Oracle, JAVA, C# and .Net specialists are in demand too as well web developers and IT project managers.

If you're in IT and you're currently looking for a job, of course, we want you to milk this opportunity. Use our database to apply for the most rewarding jobs in IT here in Singapore. Anymore advise? The usuals -- write your resume clearly, prepare cover letters, read our job interview tips to ace each of yours. We also suggest you consider these computer courses from Yes, you read that right.

Increase your computer skills even more for better luck in job hunting. Let us remind you that competition is a constant in the work world. Computer seminars often come in hefty price tags, but we're telling you, attending them can really up your search a mile. So, what does has to offer when it comes to computer training? Plenty.'s Advanced Microsoft Seminars are facilitated by Former NIE Trainers and CSC (Civil Service College) Trainers. For S$280, these seminars are great opportunities that you shouldn't miss:

  • Microsoft Excel 2007 Advanced -- Learn how to perform time saving tasks on scenarios, reports and pivot tables effectively. Next full sessions will be on 05-06 Aug.
  • Advanced Microsoft Access 2007 -- Learn how to manage data security in Microsoft Access 2007 in the most effective manner. The dates to remember are 15-17 Sep.
  • Microsoft Word 2007 Advanced -- Learn how to work with large documents, handle mailing needs, and collaborate with others. Mark your calendar for will be having full sessions of this again on 10-11 Aug.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Advanced -- Learn how to produce dynamic powerpoint presentations. Mark your calendar: 18 Aug.
Especially for those interested in programmer jobs and web design jobs, for only S$400(+/-)'s Adobe courses are a great investment. There will be new sessions of Dreamweaver CS3 Course on 19-20 Aug. For Flash CS3 Course, the dates to remember are 16-18 Aug. Our key facilitators are having their courses on Photoshop CS3 Fundamentals, Photoshop CS3 Advanced, and Photoshop CS3 for Print Design (Collaterals) again on 02-04, 23-25, and 12-13 of Aug respectively. also offers seminars on Management and Leadership, Customer Relations, Sales & Marketing, Communication Skills, Personal Development and Finance. You might want to check them out too. The website's training calendar will give you the latest schedules. For more information, please contact at 6861 1000 or email to

And yes, even though you're not in IT, we also encourage you to attend these courses. Human resources or engineering, it doesn't matter which industry you're in. They'll look great in your resume. Singapore
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