Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let's take a break from all the serious stuff today and talk about cool jobs.

You've read the title. So, do you think fitness jobs are cool jobs? Or maybe you're the type who prefers editorial jobs over any other? We enjoy writing about cool jobs in as much the same way as we enjoy job hunting and career change as topics, really. So, yes, we'll really appreciate if you participate in today's discussion. What are your thoughts about cool jobs?

Our take on this topic? People have different tastes, and so when it comes to coolness, no "job is better than the other" for us. It all depends on the person's preference. This is what pushes us to keep exploring this concept on Career Advice, particularly on Campus.

If given the choice would you rather have a music career or a medical job? What's cooler for Andrew Green, a second year medical student at Duke-NUS, is quite obvious. "The medical and health care industry will always have lots of great opportunities for people who are keen to pursue a meaningful and rewarding career", we remember him telling us that. On the other hand, professional pianist, Katya Grineva, grew up admiring music, so if she were to be asked the question, she'd answer the former. Definitely. If we were to interview piano teacher Midorie Tjiawi again, she'd have the same views as Katya -- that we're sure of.

Another question: which is cooler, being an athlete or a beauty queen? A matter of gender preference? Not really. Jasmine Yeong-Nathan, would be in favor of athleticism. Why, she's Singapore’s Sportswoman of the Year 2009. We've interviewed her before, do you remember? We need not point out what beauty queens Audrey Quek and Elaine Heng would answer, if they were to be asked this too. Two points for beauty careers!

Here's a challenging one: magician job or yoga job -- which is cooler? They're both fun in their own rights, right? Hard? How about we give you some supporting facts to help you decide? "Practicing hot yoga helps me to live a more holistic lifestyle that keeps me fit, in tune with myself and grounded.", of course, yoga instructor Tana Lee is for yoga job. Backing up the magician job side is popular illusionist JC who loves his job because of his passion for otherworldly entertainment.

Because we still have a lot to say: finance jobs vs. radio broadcasting jobs? Whether you're a number lover or arts aficionado -- this will decide. Radio DJ Glen Ong would often make his own recordings on cassette tapes when he was young. It's quite obvious which side he's in for this. Gavin Zheng, Financial Consultant with NTUC Income chose to study Electronics Computer and Communication at Nanyang, so it's safe to assume he's a number lover. What about you?

Our point in this post isn't really complex: If you're a fresh graduate, we want you to explore your options and preferences before you choose job openings to apply. Don't decide to enter an industry just because it makes a lot of money. If you're already working, regardless of whether or not you believe in the concept of cool jobs, we hope this post can help you decide which destination you should take your career next for career success. If you're thinking of a career change, we're not stopping you...if it's the only option left.

It's fun talking about cool jobs, right? 'Til next time. These are our past posts about cool jobs that you might want to read too:

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