Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Management Workshop, Finance Courses, Marketing Seminars : For your Business Pursuit

We didn't expect our "entrepreneur mindset" post to bring in that many clicks, really. Entrepreneurship is tricky -- this just shows that many Singaporeans are willing to take challenges to achieve success. If you're one of those who've supported said post, you can call this as a thank you gift from us.

"Entrepreneurship makes you your own boss, but while this sounds great, the fact of the matter is, having no one but yourself to rely on can be scary. " We've said that in the post in spotlight. Taking on an Admin Assistant Job will help you prepare for entrepreneurship as it will teach you the basics of corporate management. But there's more to business preparation than that. There's the need to network too. Stories from experienced business people will give you hints on how you can run your business the smoothest way possible. And then there's also the need for you to attend special courses for the sake of acquiring "professional" and "legal" details.

Although you can already pick up plenty of valuable information by speaking with people with first hand experiences on entrepreneurship, attending skills trainings will mark a big difference in your business plan. It'll straighten your propositions out with time tested frameworks, to be more exact. Running a business has many dimension; it's an affair that requires knowledge on finance, management, marketing and public relations. Joining business courses is the closest thing to a college degree when it comes to mastering these dimensions.

So, where can you find such courses? You can start at LearningDB.com, JobsDB.com Singapore's training and development arm. LearningDB.com hosts several Finance Courses, Management and Leadership Workshops, and Marketing Seminars that you might want to attend.

Actually, we've featured LearningDB.com's Marketing Seminars here last week. Did you miss it? Fret not. We don't mind repeating things if it's for the good. Sandra Sandu-Reeves is going to have new sessions of Winning and Retaining Clients in Tough Times and Polished Presentation Skills on September 1 and August 18, respectively. David Goldwich is scheduled to talk about Win-win Negotiation Skills again on July 14.

As for Management and Leadership, LearningDB.com has Dealing with Difficult People and Situations. This workshop by Christian Chua will sharpen your decision making skills. Mark your calendar as Christian's scheduled to have another session of this on July 22.

As for Finance Courses, LearningDB.com has lots in store this July! George Goh will be having another session of his Effective Credit Control & Speedy Debt Recovery on July 12. John Ho is going to talk about Business Finance for Non-financial Managers again on July 19-20. Schedules for LearningDB.com's other Seminars on Finance (The Art of Collecting Debts Through the Telephone, Strategic Business Planning & Budgeting, Effective Business Cashflow - The Practical Way, Strategic Pricing & Costing) can be viewed here.

For more information on these seminars, please contact LearningDB.com at 6861 1000 or email to learning@jobsdb.com.sg.

BTW, you might also be interested to attend Career Events' Outclass the Competition with Your Professional Image. This will already be on July 17, but registration's still open. Go ahead and sign up!

LearningDB.com also offers seminars on Customer Relations, Communication Skills, Personal Development, and Microsoft Office. You might be interested. You can check the schedules here.

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