Thursday, July 22, 2010

Networking. Because we still have a lot to say.

Last Sunday, we talked about networking and how much doing it could improve one's job search. Said post was received quite well. We're following it up today.

What about networking are we discussing today? The proper ways of doing so. Last post lacked tips -- many of our followers had observed. We're answering now.

What is "proper" networking for Singapore? Two words. Exchanging helps. There's more to networking than exchanging phone numbers with others, so to speak. Makes us remember our thoughts on resume references. Anyway, proper networking is "building relationships"; it's all about people communicating how they can help each other career-wise. The idea is simple: The more you provide help, the more powerful your network will become.

How would you rate yourself in terms of people skills, BTW? We want to know before we proceed because networking is all about people and no networking tip will work on your if you need a ton of improvement in this particular area. Use your score to figure out which seminars you'll benefit the most from attending. offers seminars on communication skills that you might want to check out. Career Events' offering for August is about Networking, just so you know.

We've come to know that many people attend networking events for the sole purpose of SELLING, either themselves or their product. Being different will make you stand out. We know, the main point of networking is getting more people to notice your profile and potential, but do this while being interested to other people too. Be people's referral source and they'll respond in kind by helping you reach more people.

Also remember that networking is a non-stop activity. By sharing your number to a person, you're extending your continuous support to him. He's expected to do the same and the relationship is off to a prosperous one. The keyword here is "Nurturing": Send an email to everyone in your network once in a while.

How can you diversify your networking group? This has also been put to our attention by one of our followers through last Sunday's post. We say, add people from your current industry, people from job industries that you'd like to get to know better and people you share interests with.

As for maintaining your network, here's what we have to say: Networking entails the need for organisation. Embrace a system to organize and all the names and numbers you've collected from others. Hey, an address book won't cost you a fortune.

One more thing: The key to successful networking is courtesy. Good manners go a long way, we're telling you. The work world is uncertain, so treat all of your contacts as if they're the most important people you know. You'll never know who'll ending up giving you the biggest break of your life. Singapore
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