Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Talent" and the work world.

Let Singapore start this post with a disclaimer. We're not in any way implying that being talented has a different overtone in the work world. Being talented stands you out -- just like in any other place or circumstance, it's what it does to you career-wise as well. So, what's the meaning of this post, then?

Have a good look at your resume. How would you rate yourself in terms of skills? Lacking or not, HOW are you planning to make yourself more talented?

Continuous learning is essential to career growth, remember? Versatility happens to be that one thing that employers give the most importance to in recruitment in this day and age of corporate breaknecks and posthastes. The thing that sets apart the concept of talent in the work world to being talented in school is that there's no "too little or too many" in the former. If you want to achieve career success, thriving from learning opportunities is the best strategy that you can ever pull off, in our opinion.

Alright, we admit, this is just another one of our posts on career development. But we have two good reasons to defend this stance: Reality check, competition is a constant in the work world and there will always be someone better than you. Whether you're a job hunter or career changer, this applies to you. As for our second reason, well, even though the Singapore jobs market is very needy right now (if anything else), do you think your skills are good enough to get you your dream job? What made us ask the question? According to human capital expert Edward Gordon, only 20 % of workers qualify for the jobs that are in high demand right now, we've read from the HR Blog. Learning, being the most effective counter strategy to this problem, should be your priority then.

And we're not alone in this, mind you. Darell Wee, Country Head of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has shared with Singapore his views about this recently. Allow us to quote him: "How to develop - and keep talent - is a pressing issue for many employers around the world. It is also a matter for individuals to take on board too - how they develop and sustain their own talent. Managing one's own talent and career development is important too..." Christine Khoo, Managing Director of Recruit Strategy carries the same belief. For her, job seekers should always be open to training to learn new skills and do more networking to expand their job opportunities.

Whatever your belief is about career learning, this post is our challenge to you. How much time and material resources are you willing to spend to "expand your job opportunities" as Christine has put it? Currently job hunting or not, we suggest you consider attending some of these seminars from Career Events and

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Learning doesn't just come from frequenting career events. of course. Having said that, we greatly encourage you to bookmark this blog for job industries updates. Headlines that matter can be a lot of help to you. From MOM updates to survey results from the leading recruiters in the country, News Watch can give you what you need too. Singapore
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