Friday, July 23, 2010

Currently looking for a job? This is for you. What's going on in Singapore's job market.

We don't feature headlines on this blog on a regular basis for nothing. We do so for a very noble reason: we want you to realise that you can benefit a lot career wise from reading the news. Researching takes time, but likes from our followers take all the burnout away.

Reading the news is like consulting a fortune teller on which side to take to win the bet, so to speak. Job hunting is also about timing, remember? What better way to find timing than to consult those whose jobs are to be always on-the-know? Headlines that Matter has been on a hiatus for two weeks now, so here's to pay off the debt.

How is your job hunting going? Do you find yourself agreeing with the periodicals? Or are your reactions the opposite? Here are our observations about the latest goings-on in the Singapore job market. Our references? The press releases and reports we've received from partner organizations from the last couple of months. Here's for you to find out if you're pushing yourself to a dead-end all along or whether or not you're searching for job openings in the right industry.

The Government has been active in employing ways to improve our civil infrastructure. The platform is generating a range of construction jobs, from those under architectural services to civil engineering. Need we say more? Jump start your construction career with us!

Accountancy // Banking & Finance
Among all the job industries in our portal, the ones for accounting jobs and banking jobs stood the strongest against the recent recession, really. Accounting and finance careers are really hot here in Singapore, but well, we believe this is the case in other countries as well. All companies need accountants and finance executives after all.

Whether you're a career changer or a fresh graduate, don't get yourself too worked out for these industries are very stable. Hays Singapore is seeing high demand for professionals within the banking and finance industry until next year. Singapore finance professionals have been named by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants as the world's most optimistic -- this is a good proof too.

Advise? Allow us to quote ACCA in a report they've shared to us. "Graduates must not lose sight of their goals. Graduates need to highlight their relevant experience, so when applying for work, try to think of examples of non-academic roles you have performed, such as holiday jobs, work placements and even committee roles for university clubs and societies. This will show you can adapt to different situations outside education."

Information Technology
Rivaling accounting and banking in terms of stability is information technology. In today's work world where the internet and softwares play a major role, programmers, application specialists and web designers are always in demand. And if you prefer contract jobs, the more reason why you should feel ecstatic towards your job hunting. There's a rise in demand for contract candidates experienced in SAP and development including JAVA, C# and .Net. Infrastructure, according to Hays Singapore.

With a ratio of one pharmacist to 3,000 people, there's definitely a shortage of pharma professionals here in Singapore. We've read from The Straights Times a couple of months ago that the Singapore's pharmacy council is expanding its list of recognised foreign qualifications to fix the problem. They're also allowing fresh graduates from overseas to carry our their pre-registration training here.

One more factlet to boost your mood: According to the July-September Hays Quarterly Report, many pharma companies are planning on increasing staff over the next year or so in order to take advantage of reduced costs per hire. Feel free to use our database to look for pharma jobs in Singapore.

When it comes to stability, the industry of sales is out of question. Sales jobs are jobs for all season, if you may. Our jobs database is a home to lots of rewarding sales stints. You might find your dream position there.

Human Resources
Top companies are increasing their staff. Staff agencies are hiring HR professionals because of this. Go ahead and look for HR jobs in our database. But wait, before you send out your resume, we also have advise to give. We've interviewed Joanne Chua a Manager at Robert Walters Singapore recently, remember? To quote her: "An absolutely essential ability for HR professionals is the capacity to possess a genuine passion for people development. It is all about soft skills, as well as having a high level of emotional intelligence (EQ). As equally important, would be the ability to build and manage relationships whilst networking with different levels of people within the organisation."

Hays Singapore offers a more in depth forecast in their July – September Report. It can be found on News Watch. For career tips, we recommend Career Advice. From job hunting tips to career development guidelines, get advice from experts @ Singapore
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