Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A call for your opinion : Do you think it is now a job seekers market?

We're asking in our latest survey: Do you think it is now a job seekers market? Headlines like "Hiring expectations are at their highest levels" and "Singapore job market shifts from employer-driven to employee-driven" make it easy to say yes, what with their extensive explanations for proof. But since we're stubborn, we'd still like to ask, if you're currently job hunting, how are your pursuits going? Is the job market treating you like what the periodicals are saying? Does it match what the headlines are telling or against them?

A quick browse at News Watch is going to give you a feeling that it's definitely a yes. The reason behind us pushing forward with this post is that the result so far is very opposite. Out of 2000+ respondents (so far), 84.54% or a total number of 1657 have answered no -- that prospects are not yet good enough.

Many of our facebookers carry the same opinion too. They've been applying, but not getting appropriate response.

There has been a boost in jobs in our database -- what the periodicals are saying is true. If you have the same laments as our survey participants and facebook members, maybe, the momentum hasn't just reached you yet? Or maybe the new available openings aren't competitive enough in your opinion? It seems that many job seekers have raised their career expectations too, and this should be noted.

But either way, we don't want you to lose hope. Being unemployed gives you a certain feeling of rush, we understand, but patience can lead you to a mile.

And no, you're not doing anything wrong. Whatever job hunting strategy you're using, we suggest these adjustments: Set a limit in how long you'll do your job search online. Use the rest of your time a day to conduct other strategies like networking and visiting career fairs. Don't give up on your contacts -- you'll never know. To look for career fairs, you have two ways: You can search for such events online or visit your neighborhood's local office to get a list.

If you're willing, another good thing to do to fight off boredom is attending career events and skills trainings. You might want to take a look at the latest offerings from and Career Events.

Of course there will be days that you'll be left with extra hours. Use these hours for fun activities. Waste of time? No, as doing this will help you stay on track.

Regardless of whether you think the economy has improved or not, these adjustment tips, albeit simple-sounding, can improve your job search. Singapore wishes you luck with your pursuit! singapore
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