Friday, October 1, 2010

Hot Singapore jobs, learning opportunities, and more news...

It’s embarrassing to admit it, but well... By this time, it would be understandable if the followers of this blog were wondering whether we had rather lost the point. To our beloved readers, all we can say is that, in the coming months, we'll be making an effort to get things back on track. Miss our old selves? Worry no more for this is already in our new general plan of actions: return the spotlight to the real deal, which is career (what we're supposed to talk about on this blog always in the first place), and stay away from the long rants already (okay, we'll try). That's right, folks, we'll be returning to our cranky old selves soon due to many factors. But well, considering that we've never really messed up in the 'making sense' department, perhaps a little break now and then isn’t a bad thing (we're winking at you, just in case...).

And hey, just because ranting about life and behold doesn't have a direct connection to career building -- which is not to say the activity is totally useless as far as the realm of career is concerned -- that doesn't mean the things we've produced these past few months are nothing if not useless. It’s a curious thing to think of at this point, but there's something in them that go towards justifying their inclusion on this blog... or is it just us? For your entertainment.. to ease up the pressure a bit. Because career building is no child's play.

Boy that was long. We think, we should pause here for a moment to explain clearly what's going on here: Just so you're curious, although it may seem like it, we're not being defensive...not the least bit. We don't have a reason to act defensive to begin with...can you think of a reason? It's not like our writing style has been garnering negative remarks all this time and we're admitting the fault just now. No. We suppose, it's because we'll miss it so much? That is, writing like this? As regular visitors to this site would know, we like being creative. It's a part of who we are, so yes, we're going to miss the writing freedom a lot.

Thank you for listening... Now off to the real agenda. Not that this is already a weekly affair, but we're set to update you with new Singapore job openings today. Right, just like what we did last week! Because really, if you needed to prevent a waning blog in career from waning some more, how better could you do it than by posting job updates a.k.a click bates as often as possible? Funny. Exaggerations aside, considering that the news scene has been favorable since Monday, it really makes sense that we make a repeat performance this soon. This updates must be posted now or else...

How has the Singapore jobs market been since the last time we wrote about it? Good. In fact, we've never been this excited towards an announcing task. Considering the nature of our jobs, making announcements is nothing tantamount. What makes today more special than last Friday is the fact that we'll be bearing good news not just in the 'available jobs' aspect but also career in general, including MOM updates, new learning opportunities, and other relevant news. We're set to prepare a 'lauriat' of info that you can use in your career building pursuits, so to speak. Take full advantage of these! And so, off we go to the announcements...

Let's start with the jobs. Among those doing well in terms of recruitment are the staples: Accountant Jobs, Admin Jobs, Bank Jobs, Writing Jobs, Lab Jobs, Editor Jobs, and Hotel Jobs. We remember mentioning Education Jobs in the last update, but after reading an 'enlightening' report from The Straights Times about teachers, we realise, these jobs deserve more spotlight time on this blog. And so...

Alongside Finland and Korea, Singapore ranks among top nations when it comes to attracting and retaining Education Professionals. To all job hunters of the education industry out there, career changers or fresh graduates, this and the fact that Teacher Jobs, Tutor Jobs, Professor Jobs, and Librarian Jobs are expected by career experts to remain strong until the next quarters should be enough to boost your confidence.

Aside from the local periodicals, our database is a good reference too when it comes to knowing the standing of the job market. Although not in the news, these jobs are worth mentioning here as well for their vast numbers on our database: Receptionist Jobs, Web Design Jobs, Mechanical Engineer Jobs, Legal Jobs, and Call Centre Jobs.

Next stop, learning opportunities. As regular visitors to this blog would know, we're very fond of promoting seminars form Career Events and here. Everything's for your good, anyway. A list of upcoming seminars from Career Events can be viewed at See's training calendar at

And in other news...Work-life balance is 'the talk' these day. Just because we're not into the topic (...YET), that doesn't mean we're going to leave it out. News Watch has two. Periodicals are featuring it too. It could be due to the recent awarding of POSB Everyday Champions for Sports. Oh well, let's all hope these tidbits will inspire more companies into embracing work-life balance modules for their staff. For a happier Singapore work world, it is.

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