Monday, October 18, 2010

Two career points to ponder: 'Career workshops are investments.' & 'The best time to develop your skills is right now!'

Review what we've written last week and you'll get this observation: most of the articles circled around the topics of stress management and work life balance. We're not denying. We did that to promote some of Career Advice's newest uploads, chiefly, but there were also ramblings added in tribute of a blogging principle of ours. What's that principle? That we don't forget our shortcomings. Granted, we've considerably improved since that eventful day, but well, there's the 'the career realm is never at rest' notion that hinders our egos from leaving everything behind just because you guys won't notice anymore. Of course, we won't stop improving ourselves, career topics wise, just like you shouldn't stop learning skills and seeking training opportunities and career seminars to join for the sake of career success.

So, did you like that sneaky transition? Well, it's not like the topic of learning doesn't have anything to do with busting stress jitters, what with the fact that such career events are designed not just to educate and attending will get you to interact with many other people. Right, seminars are elements of work life balance. This is another good reason why working professionals should always be on the lookout for learning opportunities. Job hunters, as well.

Many are hesitant to hear us out on this because seminars come with a price, literally. If you're one of them, here's the thing: the word investment exists for a reason. You pay a price now, to reap better fruits later. Those who recognise this notion and know how to make proper use of the investment will be rewarded, it goes without saying.

Now, why do we call this strategy an investment? First, it has a purpose. And second, because of the fact that although they come with a price, career seminars offer many benefits from which you can shape your pursuits for success. It's not like you'll be paying for nothing.

For the general working population, the biggest benefit of attending learning events is that it'll keep them at par with the movements of the corporate world. No matter how big the changes in their respective companies, they'll be at least ready for the new tasks at hand. From being just a skill, basic knowledge in IT, for instance, is now an advantage in recruitment, if not a requirement. Keeping your computer skills updated will lessen your risk of getting laid off and maximise your potential for getting a promotion. That's the basic idea.

For job hunters, it's all about keeping a marketable self. We've been discussing the concept of marketability and job hunting on this blog for as long as we can remember, so if you're a regular visitor, you should already know the point. Because competition is tough, the only way to make yourself stand out is to equip yourself with several employee skills that companies can benefit from. Now you may argue, 'others are doing it too, so what's the point?' Do it on a regular phase to show employers that you have initiative. It's all about practicing success skills.

What about those with budget constraints? A good alternative to attending seminars is taking on contract jobs. Not only will it up your credentials but also give you extra income. Or if you're up to the challenge, why not do both? After all, you've got enough free time to be able to balance both pursuits.

Fresh graduates are the ones who will get the most benefits from attending workshops, with versatility at the top of the list. In today's work world where student work experience counts, skills workshops are a great addition to a fresh grad's list of credentials.

So, what now? Why don't you start the week by planning the learning aspect of your career. We want you to look for seminars to attend for the coming days and the next week. We've instigated the discussion. We feel inclined to give you suggestions to muster on, of course. And here they are, courtesy of Career Events and

Career Events' November offering is for job hunters. But career professionals can benefit from it as well. Maybe use it to pave their credentials to a promotion? Attend Impress Your Prospective Employers with Your Resume and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills on resume writing to embark on your path of career success! For more information, please call Pei Yan or Linc at 6861 1000 or email us at Hurry up! First 20 sign-ups will receive a complimentary Career Guide book. has the following in store for the coming weeks. If you're interested, reserve a slot now. Since this is, attendees will be getting free books and other freebies. The more reason for you to call or drop us a mail.

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And because we're all for our readers' satisfaction, we're answering another Career FAQ today. In line with our discussion topic for today, here's the question: Why the need to hurry? We've pretty much answered the question by posting that photo, but we have this feeling our readers will get more inclined to follow if we back the point out with a career expert. "Nothing good happens fast," says career coach Kamal Kant in Growing a Successful Career article on Career Advice. "Don't wait to attend a communication or career workshop or look for a career coach until you're fired, short on cash, burned out, and need a new high-paying job in less than a month. The best time to develop your communication skills and plan your career is right now - when you are still employed!" Inspiring? Read more from Kamal Kant at

In the words of Annie Yap, Managing Director of AYP Associates, "In order to stay on top of things, we have to constantly equip ourselves with new knowledge, keep an open mind and be flexible to change so that we can successfully adapt to new environments."

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