Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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New things to look forward to are nothing if not motivating. It's not surprising that the word "new" is considered a potent weapon in the realm of advertising, what with its capability to bring positivity. New job openings, from Banking Jobs and Accounting Jobs to Manufacturing jobs and Logistics jobs, renew hope for job hunters while new training opportunities and employee benefits do that job for career professionals. We admit to being boring these past few weeks, what with our concerns over stress management and all, and so... Yes, hoping to renew your interest on this blog, "what's new from JobsDB.com Singapore" is what we've decided to discuss for today during the brainstorm. Not that we're doping this for clicks, but well, you've requested and so shall we deliver.

So what does www.jobsdb.com.sg/Singapore have that's new? Singapore Jobs, it goes without saying. Our signatures say it all: Find Jobs cater to every industry there is in Singapore. Judging by their vast numbers in our database, those job hunting for Hotel Jobs, Engineering Jobs, Fashion Design Jobs, Construction Jobs, Insurance Jobs, Media Jobs, and Science Jobs are in for a good week.

For working professionals, our editors have just uploaded a new article on salary increase. Something we've always been asked to give tips on, this article containing tips from Andree Mangels, Manager, Sales & Marketing recruitment division for the IT & Telco and Engineering sectors at Robert Walters Singapore will put to light all your salary concerns and help you achieve what you want pay-wise. We promise to feature this more thoroughly one of these days -- today is announcement day, after all -- but here's a quick rundown of his tips for your easy reference. Or you may read the complete article at www.jobsdb.com.sg/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerArticle/ask-an-expert.htm?ID=489.

Tactical tips that can help you secure the increase you have been waiting for:

  1. Determine your market worth. Through news clippings, trade magazines, relevant employment ads, use research to justify your request.
  2. Build a strong case. After all, you think you deserve it. With your research on current salary levels on note, build the body of your request using your past performance appraisals.
  3. The art of negotiation. Sell your proposal and make sure that it's heard by using the right techniques in communication skills. Remember to be flexible. And keep your arguments in line with the goal.
  4. Anticipate objections. This is where the flexibility factor comes in. In affairs such as this, it's good to anticipate the worst. List down the things that your boss may use to object, and write proper reasons for each. Practice on the draft.
  5. Stay professional at all times. No matter how emotionally satisfying, never respond with threats or anything close to it. Always remember, he's your boss and you need him to climb the corporate ladder.
Have you visited LearningDB.com lately? These are new seminar offerings from JobsDB.com Singapore's training and development arm that professionals should consider attending. You should pass www.learningdb.com.sg to your boss asap because many things are scheduled to happen this coming November.

HR executives and HR directors are bound to get a lot from attending Hiring the Best Talent by recruitment expert, Janet Cropper. This half day workshop will cover strategies and techniques in recruiting and selecting candidates, to ensure 'the right person for the right job' is found for your organisation. Nov 1 is the date to remember.

Something new for IT professionals and those from other industries who want to improve their computer skills: Microsoft Office Productivity Buffet by Communication and IT skills trainer Sharon Connoly will take you on an intensive shortcut-filled Microsoft Office productivity journey. First session will take place on Nov 24.

For managers, team leads, and top executives: Scenario Planning by career expert Wilson Fyffe will provide an introduction, and in-depth examples of Scenario Planning at work. This two day workshop, to take place on Nov 24 and 25, is going to provide leaders tips on how they can better their performance.

Personal Excellence in the Workplace is another new offering from LearningDB.com. With Professional trainer Pamela Wigglesworth as facilitator, the seminar will help you develop the tools and techniques that will truly boost your effectiveness.

For more information on these seminars, please contact LearningDB.com at 6861 1000 or email to learning@jobsdb.com.sg. Other seminars to take place this November (just in case, you're interested to know):

  • 12 Nov -- Effective Technical Writing Skills by Sandra Sandu-Reeves
  • 16 Nov -- Polished Presentation Skills by Sandra Sandu-Reeves
  • 24 Nov -- Activate your Listening Skills by David Goldwich
  • 25 Nov -- Win-win Negotiation Skills by David Goldwich
  • 26 Nov -- Dealing with Difficult People and Situations by Christian Chua
Find info at www.learningdb.com.sg/default.htm#November.

And of course there's Impress Your Prospective Employers with Your Resume by Career Events. For something as good as this, there's no stopping the promotions! The date to remember is Nov 20. For more information, please call Pei Yan or Linc at
6861 1000 or email us at marketinginfo@jobsdb.com.sg.

Off with our other announcements...

uShoot, uPost & uWin ends on Oct 31. 5 days left to post your photo and vote for your favourites. What are you waiting for? Lots of prizes are to be given away at www.facebook.com/JobsDB.com.sg?v=app_160089750670773.

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