Friday, October 15, 2010

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We don't suppose we still have to tell what this is going to be about? What we're set to talk about today, we mean?

Errr, you're new to this blog? Every Friday, we go away from the career experts and their career advice to allow in updates. Because really, the Singapore job market deserves a regular stint on our theater. It's also a part of our jobs to keep in touch with the news for the sake of our readers, in the first place. But here's the twist in this edition: due to some special requests we've received, we're also set to share our stand on another career FAQ after stating the jobs. Sounds promising? Are we good?

Although there's the need to read more than five news sources to sound relevant, it gives us satisfaction whenever we publish something with job openings in it. Being a bearer of good news is a privilege that not everyone gets. So motivation is very much covered and we're more than willing to abide by your requests, errr, the request of MOST of our followers. If you're one of those who get bummed every time we shift the mood from career advice to the latest goings on, please give us more time to commiserate. We'll get you covered soon too. Believe us when we say we're always thinking of ways to get your concerns answered as well. Like what we've come up to as a temporary solution for today's issue of reader preference.

Okay, enough with the explaining. What did we get after reading Singapore's most trusted news sources? We've found lots of good news for today, much to our joy. The recent estimates released by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) on Thursday, for instance, illustrate continued growth for the industries of tourism, electronics and engineering, which means there will be a good number of Tourism Jobs, F&B Jobs, Hotel Jobs, Resort Jobs, Electrical Engineer Jobs, among others, for job seekers until the next quarter. That much is sure. Despite the slow-down in the manufacturing and construction sectors and decrease in Manufacturing Jobs and Construction Jobs, the Singapore economy is pretty much in a good condition due to these promising sectors and they are cited by economists to serve as growth point providers in the coming months as well. The resilience of the banking sector is also noteworthy, with it benefiting from stronger markets and a higher loan growth. Currently looking for banking jobs and finance jobs? You're pretty much covered.

Resorts World Sentosa, a client of Singapore, and Marina Bay Sands are also cited to secure the stable movement of the Singapore economy, aside from banks and engineering firms. "Increasing visitor arrivals driven by a resurgent Asian market and new tourism product offerings such as the Integrated Resorts will continue to bolster the tourism-related sectors", a part of the report goes (as we cite from The Straights Times). The fact that Resorts World Sentosa Jobs and Marina Bay Sands Jobs are considered by experts as foundations should be enough to encourage you to do more for your job hunt for Hospitality Jobs.

And also, our database currently has the following jobs in its top list: Treasurer Jobs, Accountant Jobs, Receptionist Jobs, Admin Jobs, Teacher Jobs, IT Jobs, and Writing Jobs. Find Jobs is a pretty good reference for the Singapore job market, so we suggest you check these jobs out as well.

Good luck with your job search!

But, we're not yet done. Allow us to announce another thing. In line with yesterday's discussion on temp jobs and contract jobs and their benefit of flexible working hours... we'd like to ask, will such a working arrangement boost your productivity? Your participation to our latest survey will very much be appreciated. Just so you're curious, the results so far are not surprising: Yes is leading by a mile. According to a recent study by Employer Alliance, older workers DO prefer flexi work. What are your thoughts on this? After voting, be sure to drop us a note at the comments section.

So off we go to the career FAQ. What do we think is better, a strict boss or one that respects his employee's knack for fun? We've been asked this question many times. Due to the survey promotion and all, we figure, now is a good time to answer.

We guess, we're with Brian Tracy on this. Brian Tracy is a recruitment expert and his article on "Positive Expectations" is among Career Advice's latest uploads. "Positive expectations motivate people to exceed their previous levels of accomplishments", says Brian. His reason is that, employees tend to work better when the boss gives them freedom to perform. He calls it transformational leadership, where trust is the key factor. "It is liberating and empowering to know that you've been entrusted with a major responsibility and that you've been given the freedom to fulfill it."

Of course, this doesn't mean zero exposure from the boss. The idea is letting the employees know that they are trusted. Are you a team lead or a senior manager? This strategy can be 'your key'. Brian's article can be read at

As for the working professionals reading this, do you agree with the idea? Or do you beg to differ? Go ahead and share your thoughts by answering the survey and dropping us a note below. Singapore
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