Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The lighter side of career building -- our take. Let's talk fun stuff.

For those who are still here...with us, still reading this despite the many intricate things that have happened these past few months, you've all been very understanding over our rants and ramblings. It's about time we reward you with your patience and open mindedness. Are we implying freebies? Yes, but there's more to this than free stuff. Cobwebs are close to outnumbering tact-bits in this space, really -- we've been so busy raving about life and behold (a.k.a ego stroking), we've noticed just now. Dare we call ourselves blogging gurus! Nevertheless, we'd like to believe that you understand our penchant for being internal already. That is, after we've reasoned out our 'writing about learning over and over' stunt. So yes, this freebie post goes beyond the literal sense.

Much as we like to call ourselves 'perceptive' -- because writers are supposed to be better than anybody else in this department -- we admit to the fact that we have difficulty in decoding reactions from our followers sometimes. So we might as well do something today that will guarantee less violent reactions and more happiness. So here comes the promos! Let's take a break from all the career building, resume writing, learning in career, and job hunting today and talk fun stuff.

Err...somehow that doesn't sound right. Before we get things more confusing, what we're set to do today is update you with what's going on back at www.jobsdb.com.sg/Singapore. A lot has been going on and a lot of new things are to be released too. It really makes sense that we make this billboard performance NOW. Totally uncharacteristic of us what with our tight schedules, blogging beliefs and all, we admit; but well, there's nothing wrong with taking breaks once in a while, right (we're winking at you...again)?

October is a contest month for us and our editors! We've mentioned the Share your story of hope and courage...be an INSPIRATION promo on this blog (including our encouragement for you to join) already. Is your entry on its way to our mailbox? We'd like to believe that it is. We're little sunshines like that. Whether or not you've answered our pleads, thank you. We're still accepting stories! Here's the thing: not only will you get rewarded with cash, but also inspire people! Send it now. =)

Back at www.facebook.com/jobsdb.com.sg, we've just launched uShoot, uPost & uWin. Are you already our fan? Lots of prizes are to be given away by the JobsDB.com Coolest Desk Contest, so join the network today. It's simple: Just share with us a photo of your desk and you can win a prize. Promo Mechanics can be viewed at www.facebook.com/JobsDB.com.sg?v=app_160089750670773 (only fans can access this, so...)

Of course there's more to joining our fan page than cool contests like this. It's where we interact with people, where we answer queries on Singapore job fairs, job openings, and other related questions. Get your daily dose of career tips, Singapore news, Singapore job openings, and more.

Have you heard of OpenRice? The newest dining guide is already in town. Currently, sg.openrice.com is giving away free movie tickets. That's right, folks! Free passes to the latest blockbusters. Win a pair of movie tickets with every 6 restaurant reviews. Just register to be an OpenRicer, search for restaurants, and then submit your reviews. Just in case you're wondering, there's no limit to how many movie tickets you can redeem. Hurry up! The contest ends on Oct 15th!

Of course, a fun stuff post will not be complete without news on new job openings. New Accountant Jobs, Fashion Jobs, Telemarketing Jobs, Mechanical Engineer Jobs, Tutor Jobs, TV Jobs, Pharmaceutical Jobs, and Editor Jobs have just been added to our database. Check them out. BTW, have you seen our fan page's new Job Search tab? Now, it's easier to access jobs from JobsDB. Check the update at www.facebook.com/JobsDB.com.sg?v=app_6009294086.

Don't want to take a break today? Knowledge sharing doesn't stop on Career Advice. If you need to polish your resume, Sandra Sandu-Reeves' 10 Steps in Creating an Outstanding Online Resume will help you with the task. Looking for tips that you can use for your upcoming job interview? Our interviews with career experts from Robert Walters, Aimee Young and Shelley Tilson can pretty much fill you in with all the important details. Industry Focus is a great source of working tips on the other hand. Visiting the section will bring relief to working professionals needing a motivation boost and insider tips to excel. Newer updates have videos for your better understanding.

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