Friday, October 22, 2010

Let's take a break! Office humor. *PLUS, job updates and uShoot, uPost & uWin.

Some of our views may be conflicting with those of other career experts, but when we say, 'drop the generic resume' or 'prepare for your outfit the day before your interview appointment', we mean it. There's nothing for us to gain by doing so aside from fulfillment. Everything's for your good.

Forgive us for sounding rather defensive there. It's not that we're quitting, but well, it's natural for writers to feel discouraged with "things" once in a while. This has been our case since yesterday, and so, during the brainstorm, we've decided to call this day a break.

That is, a break with a sense, of course. We've been pretty serious with our topic choices these past few days -- allowing stress management, leadership skills, work life balance, job interview, and even bits of resume writing advice to rule the limelight -- so we've decided to talk about something unique for today. Is the topic of office stereotypes unique enough for you guys? For us, it is. Yes, we're capable of discussing office humor.

But before anything else, here's a disclaimer: this is not meant to offend. Stereotypes are stereotypes and they exist to provide doses of lightheartedness to the otherwise boring realm of career. So here's our take on office stereotypes. We've come up with five. If you want to suggest some more, feel free to use the comments section.

It's been proven many times: the work world has its own stereotypes. If classrooms have "the clown" and "Einstein", offices have their own versions of these people. In fact, the work world has more. Today we're featuring five of the most popular office stereotypes. Just for laughs:

  • The Office Guy. No, not the security guard. The Office Guy shines in a very unique way. He appears to be very kind, thus, his coworkers aren't afraid to take and take from him until he gets tired. But he won't show his fatigue... afraid to communicate a bad image.
  • The Achiever. The most optimistic person in the office. He sends out emails even during weekends to prove that he's really working hard.
  • The Grump. The opposite of the achiever, the grump finds the negative out of everything. In most offices, the boss usually holds this title, or maybe it's because of employee bias?
  • Gossip Girl. The gossip girl is also the fashionista in the group. She seems to know everything that's happening in the office, so nobody won't want to mess up with her.
  • The Slacker. One word: lazy. The slacker is most of the time late and doesn't get as much tasks done than the average worker.
Which one is you? Just kidding. We know there's more! Drop us a note at the comments section for your ideas. We'll feature them as soon as our schedule will allow another break post.

Now off to the serious stuff. Seriously now, we can't just let this day pass without offering you something beneficial. First stop, new job openings to consider applying for over the weekend.

The news hasn't offered us Singapore job market facts to muster on, so this bit's based on our database. From the looks of it, job seekers looking for Electrical Engineer Jobs, Teacher Jobs, Banking Jobs, Telecom Jobs, TV Jobs, Insurance Jobs, IT Jobs, and Web Design Jobs will be very busy applying, really. New Singapore openings to not miss... it's time for you to update your resume!

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