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The real deal about contract jobs & temp jobs.

Hindsight illustrates that despite its almost total lack of good publishings in terms of sense and possibility to help, last year is still a noteworthy time in the history of our writing, not only because it's our birthdate (technically, this blog has been in business since 2008, but as far as relevance is concerned, 2009 is the year to remember), but also because of the surprising success of "Start Your New Year With a Bang! Join the SG Family Today!". Allow us to refresh your memories: This was written to commemorate the new year, supposedly made to encourage people to use MyJobsDB for their 2010 employment pursuits and other things. Those other things make it noteworthy.

Not to bum the mood with a boring writing analysis, but the truth is, we've been looking for ways to improve this blog more, for our followers' continued career success. What we've lost along the way is versatility, it seems. The aforementioned post, despite having been written in 500 words or less, is the epitome of versatility. Not only did it feature the top jobs e.g. Accountancy Jobs, Banking Jobs, Finance Jobs, IT Jobs, and Engineering Jobs with justice, but also mentioned a thing or two about Career Advice's potential in helping careers as well as the promise of patronising JobsDB Campus for fresh graduates and those seeking Student Jobs. Now, that's one power post. Simple yet highly purposeful. Reliving the simplicity of the past is a very good activity, now that we think about it.

In an odd sort of way, there's this desire to revert back to our old simple selves. But we care enough for our followers' wants to not be overpowered by the temptation. There's our time efficiency mantra holding us back, something we've picked up along the evolution line, for one. And then there's also our calendar, not to mention the examples of our editors back at that we feel inclined to follow...always. They say that the purpose of retrospection is to find out how to correct the wrongs in the present. Why do we look back if we're not into 'correcting the wrongs'? We'd like to think that we've evolved... that we're writing like this now due to improvements. We retrospect to get ideas.

We're thinking of opening tomorrow's discussion with another retrospection, but well, before digging into that deeper, let's get today's task over with. What are we set to discuss today, anyway? We want to test whether or not we're still capable of instilling versatility into our writing, so this will be some sort of a writing exercise for us. Temping, we think, has scopes that are wide enough to accommodate such a goal. It's the only good topic for the exercise that we can think of right now. Oh well, we'll make it a point to give you news once we discover more. Another assignment that we won't fail to deliver because it aligns with our goals.

As regular visitors to this blog would know, temping is one of our favourite secondary topics, alongside career workshops and training opportunities, Singapore job fair, and stress management, right behind the main ones, namely; job hunting, resume writing, excelling at interview, career building and career planning. A good guess is that we've already talked about it two or three times on this blog, including the one that has caused quite a stir on Linkedin, our companion post to a past survey question inquiring about the preference of our followers regarding contract jobs and temp jobs. In other words, the topic has history which makes it a little bit more remember-able to our forgetful brains. Anyway, what's our stand on temp jobs and contract work again?

That it's a good option, especially after job loss. It's good for your credentials, not to mention, it rewards great. Of course, there are also some people who choose to have their careers centered on temping. And there's nothing wrong with that. One benefit of choosing this path is freedom -- those who don't want to get bounded by strict corporate rules are better off in contract conditions. "Contracting definitely provides you with a more flexible lifestyle whilst broadening the limits and horizons for a professional, well-rounded and exponential career path", says Niharika Chaturvedi, Senior Consultant (IT Banking Contract division) at Robert Walters.

When it comes to articles on temping and contracting, Career Advice is pretty much on the right par. Niharika's contribution is just one. There's also this new update that explains why temping shouldn't go with a 'just' articulation. The reason why it's a must read is it provides tips on how working professionals can benefit from the career option as well. Among the most important points there are the following: being confident, taking full responsibility, having a can-do attitude, being inquisitive, and always keeping eyes open for career opportunities. "Don't be "just" a temp. Be someone who is proud of what you are accomplishing. It will show in your performance", says the author, Vicki Steere.

How can Singapore help you in this regard? First thing: our database is always busy, with updates on contract positions and temp opportunities every day. Feel free to browse for rewarding part time jobs. And then, as we've mentioned one paragraph ago, there's Career Advice to provide you tips on how you can prosper in this line of work. We recommend you read the following:

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Temping to your future career

So, how was it? This little exercise, we mean. Share your review at the comments section. Singapore
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