Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Benefits of balancing work and life. Satisfaction with life is linked to performance at work.

Looking back last year... because we were still familiarising ourselves with things that time, those we'd written were rather nervous efforts, most had their purposes given away in the intro if not in the first sentence, to be worsened further by the insertion of the worst kind of humor. No artistic writing or whatsoever...just straight discussions. There we said it. While they cannot possibly be underestimated, the fact remains that as career articles, our 2009 publishings are rather problematic, requiring the reader to have a large measure of good will in order to appreciate (and learn from) them. Though we're not into using cliches in explaining our points, we have to say that 'you are your own worst critic' applies to us (and our low self esteem) to a T, hence this self-degrading reaction.

You might be wondering...why this sudden retrospect? And why this grave critique as a result? Just found out, err... rather, remembered: we'd devoted our first week as keepers of this blog to stress in general, particularly promoting the 2009 version of Stress and Wellness Management by Career Events. How's that for a blow? Considering how grave our egotism, we can't help but rant about the discovery. Didn't see that one coming, really. Who would've taught our very first task will end up being one of our biggest weaknesses today? Work life balance... stress management...get the connection? Of course, we're at fault, our forgetful brains are at fault. The only things keeping us from letting out inappropriate words are your past emails of trust.

A mistake on our part? Probably. And so, for the first time on this blog, we're admitting to a fault. A round of applause will very much be appreciated. But sarcasm aside, we hate ourselves for having committed such a thing. It could have been avoided, if we'd been more responsible and careful.

And so, having said all that, what do we have in store for today? You're right if your guess is something in relation to stress management and emotional intelligence at work. Give us this time to make up! It's perfect timing that our editors back at have just updated Career Advice with new career resources, one of them about work life balance. From a career coach, no less!
Okay, we gave tips on how working professionals could lessen work stress the last time we discussed work-life balance, which was last Monday. Today, we'll be following it up with encouragements. Because seriously, keeping a strict routine can be tiring. Perhaps it will encourage people to follow our tips more if we say that there's more to practising work-life balance than a stress free life?

"The reality of working in today's contemporary organisation is the employees have little work-life balance and this spills-over into their attitudes, behaviour and values in the workplace", says career coach Kamal Kant in his "Local Trends In Work Life Balance" article. A counter strategy for office politics, anyone? In today's corporate world where relationships are considered important, office politics is one thing all offices have in common. We wouldn't go as far as to call office politics a divine figure in the work world, but given the large amounts of stress it can cause, it's always a good idea to do things to avoid getting caught in a stinky situation concerning it.

"Engaging in a formal work-life planning process in a structured disciplined manner will greatly help in overcoming the 'hide and seek' game that often goes on between supervisor and subordinate." For organisation. It makes sense. You won't hide from your boss for not getting a task done on time anymore. We mean, don't you want that?

And just so you're thinking... work-life balance isn't only for those who can afford deductions in favor of relaxation. "Work-life balance is for everyone!", says Kant. Top companies, career professionals, job hunters, career changers and fresh graduates are all bound to benefit from its practise. "The result is literally money in the bank for businesses: reduced casual absence, better staff retention, easier recruitment and improvements in morale, commitment and productivity." As for employees, satisfaction with life is linked to performance at work. That's it.

Just a refresher of Kant's ideas (because we admit to being uncharacteristically lousy today):

Benefits of balancing work and life for working professionals:

How employers can benefit from practising work-life balance modules:

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