Friday, October 8, 2010

UPDATE: Singapore Jobs and other news ramblings.

Of all our blogging tactics, the one that involves 'commenting on what's happening in the jobs market' and 'listing down new job openings' is the best when it comes to drawing reactions from our readers, probably because we tend to forget about ranting when we're faced with the 'sensitive task' of announcing something from news sources. Just to make things clear, we're liberals but we do acknowledge 'have to deliver facts straight!' a valid point. There's a knack of journalism in our quirky world of writing, apparently. Anyway, the points are taken: the rants are annoying. The news is immaculate and untouchable. And updates are click bates. There. It is for this reason that we're pointing the spotlight to the Singapore jobs market...again today. Like it or not (well, the hesitation is more on our part, really), the decision is final. Ironic really that it's the very qualities that make us good writers (or, at least from our editors POVs) that doom our blog as good-read: it seems our readers don't like what we like writing best. It's bitter, but we're good. We're devoted to our readers like that. Fancy a drink with us?

Okay, we lied. Just forget we promised something last week altogether. Would it be an act of 'rubbing salt to the injury' if we announced this as well: that we're close to making the job updates a regular every week? The Singapore job market is never at rest and we're afraid of losing touch with it completely if we don't abide by the call asap. Well actually, we don't know why we're acting all defensive here. Who are we kidding? You guys like it when we make updates, right?

So, here's the deal: we'll continue to give you job alerts. If you like, even do it, three times a week. Just give us back the authority to write via our preferred tool of humor, until...until you guys see that the act has some relevance in it. Fair, enough? Or do you want to bargain?

Now, you may find this amusing, in a tasteless sort of way; but really, we're on red alert. This blog's on red alert; we're declaring it official today: what has begotten yesterday's discussion is just so unfair! Anyway, before we get things more confusing, let's get to the jobs and announcements. Because you won't want us to start on the sad story. Most probably, you'll deal with rants...lots of.

We've read from that Tourism Jobs and Finance Jobs are expected by economists to show resilience despite the slowdown in manufacturing in exports. Job seekers in the industries of tourism and banking -- the fact that economists are positive towards Hotel Jobs, F&B Jobs, Casino Jobs, Travel Jobs, Analyst Jobs, Treasurer Jobs, Investment Jobs, Loan Jobs, among others, should be enough to motivate you into doing more. No reason for you guys to feel discouraged.

About the health-care industry. This we've read from Today Online. A new hospital is to be built in Punggol, Sengkang area. While not yet a firm commitment, the plan is inevitable, given the expanding population, according to Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan. A promise for more Health Jobs in Singapore then?

As for recent activities from the Government...we've read from The Straits Times that it has set up a $50 million fund to attract technopreneurs to groom local start ups. If the program succeeds, we sense the opening of more IT Jobs in Singapore. Do you too?

The budget for Research, Innovation and Enterprise will be increased by about 20% too, according to a report from This plan which aims to attract multinational companies to choose to expand in Singapore, we assume, will generate new Singapore Jobs as well, particularly R&D Jobs. One of those many things to look forward to in the years to come, we say.

What about Government Jobs? According to our database, both the Auditor-General's Office and Ministry Of Manpower are hiring. From health-care to statutory boards, more Public Service Careers can be found at

Speaking of our database, it currently has the following in vast numbers: Transportation Jobs, Call Centre Jobs, Company Secretary Jobs, PR Jobs, Insurance Jobs, and Receptionist Jobs. We suggest you check these jobs out too.

Since we're already talking about news... we might as well remind you again of THE contests. Yes, those contests. NOT insistence but just a simple act of 'discussing the topic on hand'. We're still accepting stories for Share your story of hope and an INSPIRATION, just so you know. And then there's also uShoot, uPost & uWin that will hand you a chance to win cash just by sharing what your desk looks like. Promo mechanics can be viewed at (only fans can access the info window, know what to do).

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And of course... Like the rest of Singapore, we're extending our deepest condolences on the demise of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew, wife of Singapore's founding father. Singapore
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***Many thanks to, The Straits Times, and Today Online for awakening our writing 'muses'. =)