Monday, October 11, 2010

Career Advice on Work-Life Balance. For a healthy YOU.

Our goal is to start off the week with a bang. And so, we're suspending our penchant for resume writing, learning in career, and job hunting today to talk about... talk about...

We’ve researched long enough… we think. Long enough to be able to come up with a work-life balance write up on our own, without the assistance of a career expert. There we said it. We don’t know if you think this is a bit too early, but let us tell you, any delay can be hectic for us, considering how busy our calendar is. So yes, we’ll greatly appreciate if you read this.

The last time we blogged about work-life balance, we just provided a definition of the concept. We remember saying this:

While others think that work-life balance is just a hasty excuse for do-nothingness, in general terms, a typical professional has his life divided into to aspects: work life and personal life. And that’s not debatable. They say that the world is all about balance. Just like the concept of Yin and Yang, the latter conquering the former (or vice versa) only means one thing: negativity.

Considering that we're perfectionists, of course, we feel compelled to continue asap. We played it too safe that last time. Here is the follow up now. Fresh from our minds. Our first take on work-life balance.

As austere as the concept may sound, all it takes to achieve a balanced life and career is the willingness to follow certain routines. If you want an enjoyable life and at the same time a fruitful career, don't worry a mountain. We don't want to complicate things for you, so here's our take on achieving work-life balance.

Procrastination has a direct impact on your work-life balance (or the lack thereof). Naturally, if you don't get things done on time, you'll have to do them on your personal time. Work efficiency is the key; a strict schedule is equals to lesser over-times. If you want work-life balance, set specific times to get your tasks done and focus on getting them done. Reducing distractions can help you accomplish more. Yes, living on deadlines may sound a bit too rough, but it's the easiest way to a balanced life and career. This routine will also help you avoid bringing work at home. Home works are for students, right?

Learn to say no. While accepting additional projects can boost your career in unspeakable levels, you shouldn't make it into a habit. It will burn you out, seriously. You'll bring the mental stress at home, even. But don't worry, saying no wouldn't give you a bad image. As long as you explain how full your schedule is at the moment, you'll be just fine. Your boss might even appreciate your honesty.

Get a coach. If you're just not good with making (and keeping) schedules, a coach can help keep you to your good intentions. This may come with a price, but the additional benefits make it worth it. Having a coach will also help you put together actions to achieve your other life goals.

Work-life balance is also about what you do outside work. During weekends, choose activities that can help you relax. Or go out. Your family's "there" to help you.

Regardless of whether or not you think of this concept as a myth, if you are feeling a big sense of dissatisfaction with how your life is presently moving, you need to take action. What action? Look up there. Hey, you may not be a believer of the work/life equation per se, but you can be experiencing the symptoms it is “destined” to fix. There’s no harm in giving these tips a go.

So, how was it? Good enough? Give us your review below.

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