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Job Interview & Interview Tips. 13 pointers to help you impress for success.

It may seem like we're specialised in ranting and rambling, but believe it or not, 'get the facts straight' is a motto of ours as well, chiefly because we're required by our editors to make sense...always. Hard to believe, but yes, that's true. To be specific, it's a must for us to always write clearly and be direct in attacking the subject matter for the reader's convenience. And just in case you're getting to this conclusion, it's not like we've never noticed it until just now.

The most immediately striking thing about our blog, which we have a habit of citing as the main source of its charm, is the humor and the use we make of it. But while the reason behind our way of adding humor on this blog is understandable (because really, career planning can be stressing), we admit that sometimes we go a bit too far. We've garnered enough reactions to know. We'll leave the naming of the instances to you (use the comment section to pinpoint each to us, if you will). Again we ask, have we been giving you stress instead of joy with these overkills?

Which is not to say that we're feeling guilty. We have to make it clear...before you get convinced that we like setting ourselves up for guilt trips. We mean, it's not all bad. One of the areas in which our bizarre writing style proves a good strategy is the many career aspects it can concern, specifically stress management and learning in career. The purpose is two-fold. You learn in a fun way. Learning without stress. Along those ideas.

Wondering what we have in store for today? You should know (and keep in mind for future reference) that once we talk about job interview and job interview skills, we can't stop....err, what we mean is, we have difficulty in stopping. The topic's included in our personal favourites list alongside, resume writing, job hunting and career building, remember? Anyway, it's decided. We'll talk about job interview in general today... to play the topic straight for once.

Did we confuse you yesterday? We admit to being really confusing that time, so allow us to make up today. Have job interviews coming up? Take note of these to impress the interviewers.

As inspired by the interview experts at, here are our very own tips for acing job interviews.

  1. No, you can't ad lib. Preparation is essential here. Research about the company so that you'll know how you can incorporate your goals with theirs. Of course, you should study your resume carefully too --reminisce how you've put to use your resume writing skills -- to accomplish this. We also want you to take the time to know about the most common job interview questions. You'll never know -- recruiters like using these questions because they make everything faster.
  2. Prepare at least two questions for the interview. Researching will make your ideas for this relevant to the pursuits of the company. Don't ask something too obvious and don't say something you don't know anything about.
  3. Dress up appropriately. It's an unwritten rule for job interviewees. No to party clothes and anything you're not comfortable in. You want to present yourself as professional as possible and anything too loud will ruin that entirely. Wearing something uncomfortable will distract you big. What to wear? We say, for both sexes, a neatly pressed polo shirt will do. If you have tattoos, please cover them for the interview. The company may see them as a sign of being unprofessional and can hit your personal brand hard.
  4. Prepare an emergency kit. It should contain extra copies of your resume, pens and a notepad. Because you'll never know.
  5. Punctuality! Show them your initiative by appearing on time. If you're not familiar with the location, find your way the day before the appointment. By being early, you'll arrive at your interview with a clear mind and be better off in selling yourself to the interviewer. The same goes for preparing what you'll wear.
  6. Lend both your ears to the interviewer. Yes, this means, shutting down the phone for a while. Do this so that you can make sure all your concerns are addressed.
  7. If you're a career changer, don't slam off your former employer. You don't want to be identified as someone who bad-mouths. If you're asked about your former employer, say that your reason for leaving is that you're seeking better opportunities. As for fresh graduates, we want you to be as positive as possible in describing your school experience.
  8. Hide your nervousness with a smile. Nothing beats being positive when it comes to impressing employers. Offer a solid handshake and say thank you to the interviewer.
  9. Answer with examples. To demonstrate your employee skills to the interviewer, show instead of tell. You can do this by making references to your past projects and assignments. This is the best way to show them how they can benefit from you. However…
  10. Don't overdo! Verbal overload will give you an overconfident brand and you don't want that. Asking too much questions will harass the interviewer too. Always remember that the interviewer is the one in control of the appointment. Also,
  11. Speak the truth. Background checks and reference calls aren’t considered as important parts of the recruitment process for nothing. Lying WILL come back to ask for a big pay off.
  12. Appearing desperate is a major turn off. Try to dampen your need by appearing enthusiastic instead.
  13. A thank you note can increase your chances of getting the job. A thank you note can mean two things for Singapore employers. One: that you're really passionate about getting the job. Two: that you know office etiquette. No reason to not do it, right? Not to mention, this won't cost you a fortune. Who knows, it can be the one thing that will separate you from your greatest foe for the position.
We wish you luck! Singapore
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