Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Going all out to make up: resume advice, promo announcements, job updates, news on Singapore job fair, and more.

Announcements as staples every Tuesday -- Will it be 'going a bit too far' if we do that? Well, nothing's official yet, so you better wipe that frown out of your face before it gets stuck there. We're still on the thinking phase.

What's up with this proposal? Aside from broadening our knowledge on work life balance, these past few weeks, we've also been busy thinking of ways to improve this blog. We're missing variety; since there are many good things to come from JobsDB.com Singapore, we figure, it'll be a great pursuit to extend their announcements here. It's not like we've become spoiled with your accommodating approvals.

Of course, we know: just because you've allowed us to make job updates every Friday, doesn't necessarily mean you'll do the same with this proposal. A regular slot for job updates in a week is quite understandable, seeing as we're career writers, but promo updates every week? This blog is about career and as its writers, we're supposed to be just concerned with talking about career building, career development, job hunting, job interview, resume writing, and such. But really, the things that our editors come up with are so good they deserve to be spread out beyond the www.jobsdb.com.sg/Singapore borders.

How good? For instance, there's the excellent concept of uShoot, uPost, & uWin, our Facebook fanpage's latest contest. A battle of desks. Excellent prizes are to be given away. Even photo voters stand a chance to win cash. Promo mechanics can be viewed at www.facebook.com/JobsDB.com.sg?v=app_160089750670773 (Okay, only fans are allowed to access the info box, so you better Like the page now).

And then, there's also the free movie tickets promo by sg.openrice.com. Promo ends this Friday, so hurry up with your reviews. It's not every day that you get the chance to watch a movie for free.

So now, will you allow us to continue with the other announcements? Absolutely necessary so we can justify the plan. As if you have a choice...

News on the best Singapore job fair! Can't wait for JobsDB.com Career Expo 2011? Many others too. We've just received confirmation for these details:

Date: 25 – 27 March 2011.
Venue: Suntec convention Centre Halls 402 – 403.
Time: 10am to 7pm.

You better mark your calendar now!

Speaking of jobs, our database has just received new Admin Staff Jobs, Secretary Jobs, Web Designer Jobs, Teacher Jobs, Underwriter Jobs, TV Jobs, Lab Jobs, and Property Jobs. Check them out at www.jobsdb.com.sg/SG/EN/Search/NewAdvanceSearch. We'll be making a more detailed job update on Friday so stay tuned.

Have you ever wondered why Career Advice doesn't have videos featuring career experts? Do you know that we own a Youtube account? www.youtube.com/jobsdbsingapore is where we post our videos on career tips and all. We've just updated the channel with the video version of our interview with Singapore Police Force Volunteer Special Constabulary Officer, Neo Fung Leng. Remember her? We've featured her on this blog two or three weeks ago.

And continuing on the topic of work life balance... Have you noticed the new survey back at www.jobsdb.com.sg/Singapore? Is it smarter to work longer hours? The survey is to find out our followers' working habits: are they leading their careers wrongly in this department? 'No' is leading by a mile, just so you're curious. What are your thoughts on this? Vote now and share a word or two at the comments section.

Okay, why are we talking about work life again? Considering how lacking the discussion yesterday has turned out, there's no way we'll end everything there. We're perfectionists like that. That and the fact that EQ and You was a success. On behalf of Career Events, we'd like to grab this opportunity to thank all those who went and participated. Many thanks for making the event a big success.

Was EQ and You the first seminar by Career Events that you attended? Excellence is a standard for Career Events, what with its outstanding facilitators and career workshop topics. We're encouraging you to attend the next one in line too. For November, Career Events is set to sponsor Impress Your Prospective Employers with Your Resume by Wong Kok Wah, a seminar that will tackle the fundamentals of resume writing and cover letter. Already working? In career, personal marketing is non-stop -- use what you'll learn to rally yourself into a higher position. Details here: www.jobsdb.com.sg/StaticContent/SG/CareerEvents/events/Impress-your-prospective-employers-with-your-resume.htm.

Of course, this won't be complete without the mentioning of LearningDB.com. November is a 'employee skills' month for the training modules organiser, with the following scheduled:

Now that we're finished announcing what needs to be announced, let's talk about a resume writing FAQ. Because we're all about multi-tasking for the sake of time efficiency. And we're making up for a lack, right?

What's our standard reply to the question of 'Should I include an objective statement in my resume?' We'll be frank: Yes, do so. Not only will you make your resume organised but also give a favor of convenience to recruiters. "If it's done properly, it can add "sizzle" to the steak when being read by a human being, and it contains relevant key words that will boost the number of hits your resume gets in a database search", says resume writing expert, Tracy Laswell Williams, CPRW in her "The Headless Resume" article that we've featured in Career Advice.

Remember the resume advice from Sandra Sandu-Reeves that we have a habit of quoting? This can be classified under it. Improve your resume with an objective section and achieve a more personalised approach in your job hunting. We want you to. Tracy wants you to: "If your resume is not getting you the attention you deserve sans profile, perhaps now would be the time to sum yourself up."

The links:

The Headless Resume

Volunteer Police Officer – Singapore Police Force

10 Steps in Creating an Outstanding Online Resume

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