Thursday, June 3, 2010

WSQ training = greater job mobility and faster career advancement

Fabian Doh. You've heard of him before? He was featured in this blog three years ago. That's why. The post was about pastry chefs. How pastry chefs could advance their careers in unspeakable heights, to be more specific. And it had something to do with training.

Alice Yeo. You recognize her too? A quick browse at the archives section of News Watch would lead you to the transcription of her story -- a story of success through, you guessed that right, training.

Why bring these people up now? Simple. WSQ's relevance.

For those not familiar with WSQ, here in Singapore, WSQ indicates success. WSQ, which stands for Workforce Skills Qualifications, provides skills training as well as certification of worker's existing skills.

WSQ had given a lot to Alice. An expert in his field, there's a reason why Fabian believes in WSQ's brand of training. WSQ could be the thing that's missing in your career.

"Workers who had undergone WSQ training experienced greater job mobility". That came from a bulletin that the Ministry of Manpower had released on May 31. If you've been contemplating on whether or not you should sign yourself up for WSQ training, think no more. That was one powerful statement. WSQ reaping fruits just means that it's a very helpful program -- one that can assist you with your dreams of career success. 38% of workers with WSQ training successfully changed jobs in the last two years, compared with 19% of employees without it, the report also stated.

Professional services

If you belong in one of those fields, the more reason you should pursue a WSQ training. According to the report, the most mobile employees came from those fields of expertise.

News Watch stores some good articles about WSQ:

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