Thursday, June 17, 2010

In the spotlight: Fun Jobs. W3-O. Dynamism. Addicting Careers. Challenge for Creativity. Camaraderie.

Fun jobs. Do they exist? Yes they do. Remember our take on cool jobs? The concept is also subjective, we believe -- everything depends on how you perceive industries. Legal jobs may be too tiring for you but, this may not be the case to other people. The same goes with programmer jobs. It's a matter of what clicks with your antics.

So, are we saying that jobs that guarantee optimum happiness don't exist? No, not at all. There is the Media & Advertising industry that many consider as the work world's Sentosa, if you get what we mean.

Media & Advertising is all about catching attention -- Journalism, Broadcasting, Print Media and Photography are just some of this industry's branches, need we say more? The industry's main goal is to make people happy -- making entertaining outputs is what media executives and advertising professionals do every day, so it's not surprising why they are the happiest professionals in the country.

We know, because we've already talked to many professionals from this field. You might want to re-read our transcriptions of their career stories @ Industry Focus. Actually, the latest from this section is another happy transcription -- happy stories of four W3-O employees, to be exact.

W3-O takes pride for its portfolio. Staffed by dynamic designers and other creative professionals, W3-O has helped build and guide world-renowned brands like Sony, Brother, Sennheiser, Bosch and Oracle.

The dynamism of his job is what gets Creative and Managing Director WILLY TANUJOYO going. "The diversity of the projects allows us to experience many different levels of project management and media strategy." His colleagues are also partly responsible for his job satisfaction. "What I love the most is the fact that all our colleagues share the same vision." So, what's it like working at W3-O for him? "A place we can be "arrogant" and stay grounded at the same time." The best place to work indeed.

She can't see herself getting out of the addiction anytime soon -- that's what JOYCE WAN, Senior Art Director enjoys most about her job. "It does get pretty frustrating and painful sometimes having to juggle between client's unreasonable demands, tight timelines, and even tighter budgets." According to her, the sharing factor is what makes working at W3-O great. "As cliché as it might sound, sharing is caring and here in W3-O, we believe very much in sharing!"

Graphic Designer DZULKIFLI AHMAD loves the fact that his job challenges his creativity. "It is because of the endless pursuit of fresh ideas and propositions." For him, working at W3-O is satisfying because the agency fosters creativity to another level. "The environment here encourages us to think out of our comfort zone and push design to another level. "

For IAN ONG, Senior Copywriter, there are very few things that can rival the feeling of seeing campaigns succeed. That's what makes his job fulfilling. "Being in this business, you start off with literally a blank piece of paper and you have to transform that into a work of art through long hours, sweat, and, if you're not careful at the mounting table, some blood." What makes W3-O stand out for him in a sea of other art agencies? The camaraderie. "Everyone is working towards the same goal. And it's that very same familial atmosphere that makes work here not seem so much like work, but a fun and rewarding romp through life with people you genuinely want to be with."

You can read our complete interview with Willy, Joyce, Dzulkifli, and Ian @ Industry Focus. This link is going to take you there: focus?ID=365. For career advice, please proceed to our career resources section @

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