Thursday, June 24, 2010

Your skills define your value in the work world. Update your skills regularly and keep on learning new stuff.

Job hunting? Looking for ways to move your career forward? How long has it been since you last attended a career seminar? Here's the thing: A job seeker with a wide variety of skills is a 'gold' for employers. For employees, being skillful means better career prospects.

Continuing education is essential to career growth -- give a great deal on your skills set and it'll not take long until you see yourself succeeding. Career success is about standing-out -- it's imperative that you update your skills regularly as they define your value in the work world. Even though most workshops come with a heavy price tag, don't hesitate to attend them -- this is for your skills.

Currently in a rut? It's about time that you refocus your attention to your skills as a professional. An improved skills set can do wonders to your job hunting problems if you're a job seeker or your job dissatisfaction if you're an employee. Here's a little exercise for you. We've listed down skills that we believe every job hunter and employee must have. See the list against your current skills set. If you need to make adjustments, do so, we're willing to help. =)

1) Relationship Skills
The work world is very social. And you have to speak out in order to continue moving to better heights. In job hunting, networking is greatly encouraged as it opens job seekers to the hidden jobs market.

Aiming for a promotion? Then speak out, Bosses aren’t psychics, you know.

2) Leadership skills
Although there's nothing wrong with being a "helper", initiative is needed to achieve career success. Show your boss that you can function as a leader too to get his trust.

3) Computer Skills
Computers play an important role in today's work world -- in most job functions, computer literacy is now a recruitment requirement. How good are you in using a computer, anyway? Knowing advanced tricks in Microsoft applications and adobe can be the answer to your job hunting problems.

Companies change in order to meet the growing standards of the corporate world. Needless to say, you have to be ready for these changes in order to remain relevant in your workplace.

4) Writing Skills
Editors and copywriters aren't the only ones who should have sharp writing skills. Even though you're a receptionist or probably a sales executive, your workload includes writing too, right? Just because writing is not your main job function, doesn't mean that it's ok for you not to seek improvements in the way you use words. The email is now a stable in the work world, right?

Having great writing skills can be quite handy during exams for job seekers. There are employers who give essays as employment exams, right? Don't hesitate to invest on business writing seminars and writing workshops.

5) Listening Skills
While the importance of listening skills may not be as apparent as those others we've listed above, you should know how to use your ears in order to advance in your career.

A good listener is often regarded as friendly. Listening is the key to teamwork, needless to say. For job seekers, well, let's just say that having great listening skills is an advantage at job interviews.

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