Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let's talk. Salary increases. Retirement. Job loss. Temping. Career Change.

We in Singapore have plenty of opinion on things. We'd like to hear yours now.

Topic 1: What matters most to employees
As an employee, what matters most to you? Salary Increases? Promotions? Career reviews?

Hays Singapore have found out that when choosing a new job, career development is the main consideration for the majority. 65% of the respondents of their latest survey have answered so. Do you agree? We do. Singapore believes that great jobs are those that offer a future.

As for employers, they can use the findings of this survey for their next HR meeting. They've been warned to focus on staff retention this quarter (balance of power swinging back to job seekers): this here is a good counter measure. Perhaps, employers should consider providing better training programs to their staff? What do you say?

Topic 2: Retirement and reemployment practices in Singapore
How is the Singapore workplane treating older workers? We've asked this question in this blog a couple of weeks ago. Do you remember? The government has already stepped up to prepare employers for new legislation in 2012 that will raise the retirement age, we're aware, but are companies cooperating?

We're happy to have found out that it's a yes. Nearly two-thirds of private establishments have implemented measures to allow their local employees to work beyond the statutory retirement age of 62, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Manpower. Only 15% of private establishments with re-employment policy reported that they had not offered reemployment
to local employees who reached 62 and met the work performance criterion for reemployment. That's good to hear. An improvement on the part of Singapore employers?

Topic 3: Job loss
Is there a silver lining to job loss? We're interested to know what you think about this. Last week we've shared our thoughts on this matter and now, we want to hear yours. Do you also believe that job loss is an opening to better job opportunities, like we do?

Job loss, of course, causes grief, but you have to move on. Sporting a positive mindset and making use of certain coping strategies can help you stay sane after job loss. What strategies? For us, these are the best things to do to cope with this employment downfall: enact a strict budgeting strategy, reconnect with your family, network, take on career seminars and skills trainings, and re-evaluate your life values. What are the best strategies to take to cope with job loss for you?

Topic 4: Temping
Would you consider contract jobs? That's right, it's our site's latest survey question. Have you participated in the poll already? What were your reasons behind your choice of answer? Whether your answer is a yes or a no, here's what you should know: there's more to temping than being a money-making sideline.

Have you recently lost your job? Taking on several contract assignments, Singapore believes, can help a lot not only with your personal finances but also with your credentials. Do you agree?

Topic 5: Career Change and moving on
How do you know when to move on to a new job? Our stand on career change is simple: "It depends on your situation". Ask yourself these questions: Do you feel constantly tired at work? Have you stopped learning? Are you having issues with your immediate superior?

Motivation, learning, and good working relationships are essential to career development. If one of those factors are missing in your career, we say, moving on is a good idea. How about you, what are your thoughts regarding career change? Singapore
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