Monday, June 7, 2010

Would you consider contract jobs?

Would you? Singapore is interested to know, really. Back at, we've posted a new survey question. How many of our job seeker members are open to accepting contract assignments and how many aren't? The results of the survey so far? They're not really that surprising. Out of 131 respondents (so far), 60.31 % or a total number of 60 have answered no.

To many people, contract jobs mean instability -- deals that don't quite equate with career development. But we see a silver lining to these deals. Contract employment may not be as stable as a normal job, but hey, it can act as a life saver, should a difficult employment downfall come in one's way. Let's say, after a lay off. For Singapore, getting a contract job is a smart move after job loss. It will take care of your finances while you're seeking for the rebound job. The extra benefit is that it will be a great addition to your CV. Accepting contract work is particularly useful in establishing credentials.

Would you consider taking on a contract assignment if your situation called for it? Are you going for a yes in this question? A good job is one that offers a future, but if there's an immediate need for a source of income, a contract job isn't a bad idea.

If you're in a field where expertise is preferred/required, the more reason you shouldn't entirely erase contract employment in your career vocabulary. In industries such as Information Technology, Telecommunications, Logistics, Beauty & Wellness, Hospitality, and Laboratory, contract work often pays well. Should a lay off come your way, you can benefit a lot from taking a contract assignment.

The conclusion: Contract offers need careful evaluation. The measure of "yes or no" is through assessing certain factors: the need for it, its relevance, and duration.

What's your call? Let your voice be heard. Vote now. Singapore
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