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Headlines that Matter | JobsDB Singapore || Cycle 7

Cycle seven. Headlines are overflowing, we're already nearing eleven. Hope you'll stay with us until then and for more editions.

Ethics training for kids. | Good news for those about to take their internships. | Continuing education -- the key to moving up, career-wise.

FINANCIAL literacy for kids may be all the rage these days, but programmes such as Junior Achievement (JA) are taking it one step further - by including business ethics. -- The Business Times, Jun 21
The last recession taught businesses the importance of ethics. ACCA, in their recent paper, urges businesses to prefer executives with a strong ethical sense for the reason that they are capable to keep things going at times when regulations exploit loopholes -- we've said it in the last edition. We think that it's highly likely for ethical skills to become a recruitment requirement alongside computer skills, leadership skills and writing skills. It makes us happy to know that ethics trainings are being offered now for young ones.

ONCE seen as a convenient and cost-efficient way to overcome employment shortages or address a company's seasonal labour needs, interns are now considered to be an important source of fresh ideas and renewal for companies, according to industry watchers. -- The Business Times, Jun 19
Universities don't require their students to undergo internships for nothing. Finally, companies are realising that interns are a good source of ideas. According to NUS, there was a 40% increase in the number of internship opportunities in its career portal last year. Singapore CAMPUS experienced the same increase too. About to undergo internship? Expect to experience real corporate training. Visit campus for rewarding internship opportunities.

PERISH the thought of pre-school teachers being little better than child-minders.Instead, more of them should have PhDs or master's degrees, said Senior Parliamentary Secretary (Education) Masagos Zulkifli yesterday as he called for teachers to seek continual improvement and further their studies. -- The Straights Times, Jun 19
How to get low-wage workers to move up? The answer was obvious - continual skills upgrading - but the hurdles to its implementation were many. The final part of Insight's behind-the-scenes series on the ESC delves into its bottom line: raising incomes for all -- -- The Straights Times, Jun 19 Singapore is a firm believer that continuous education is crucial to career growth, in most job functions. This is most especially applicable to educators like teachers and professors. But whichever industry you're in, may you be an administrative officer or a technician, we encourage you to put effort on this. Continually seeking for learning opportunities may be troublesome, but think of it this way: there are many benefits to it. Salary increase is just one.

Just over half of the Singapore sample (54%) reported rising confidence in Q2 2010, while only 17% reported falling confidence. -- News Watch, Jun 22
Good news from ACCA! Optimism bears fruits. For job seekers, this means more job opportunities to choose from. We're expecting our accounting jobs and banking jobs section to overflow this quarter and the next. Take advantage of the momentum.

Will watching the World Cup affect your productivity?
The last was very formal, so we've decided to make this one a bit casual. Have you seen our latest survey question back @ already? Singaporeans are big fans of the world cup and so, we're interested to know, will watching it affect your productivity? How so? In a good way or bad? Will the event motivate you or distract you? Let us hear your thoughts. Vote now! Just so you know, so far, 'Yes' is leading. =)

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