Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Headlines that Matter | JobsDB Singapore || Cycle 8 *p2*

Part two of cycle 8. This is filled with 'great.'

SINGAPOREANS are in two minds about having foreigners in their midst. While many agree they are good for the country, a not insignificant number also feel they have been personally disadvantaged. -- The Straights Times, Jun 28
Singapore's a very promising land for foreign professionals and workers -- we've encountered plenty of them on social media sites like facebook and myspace. What do you think of foreigners? Do you agree with the results of this survey? JobsDB.com Singapore believes that your career success lies within you -- you shouldn't think of foreign presence as a threat to you career, but instead be confident about your skills. This is where the importance of learning in career comes in. Ensure that your skills are on a par with what the job market demands; then you'll not have problems.

Opportunities are equal for foreigners and residents. Your speaking from personal experience? Maybe the foreigner got the job because he was more qualified? There's no need to compete. What we want you to do is this: just focus on your own career -- in updating your skills, learning new ones, researching and the likes -- and you'll see that race isn't an issue here.

The non-profit organisation, funded by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), a number of statutory boards and Microsoft Singapore, runs infocomm technology-related classes at subsidised rates for people with disabilities. -- The Straights Times, Jun 28
Another good news! Disability shouldn't stop anyone from achieving career success. Good thing there is IAC which provides affordable training programmes to the disabled. Since they don't require field work and external exposures, IT jobs are perfect for those with disabilities. If you have or you know someone with disability, this is a great inspiration. Achieving top-class computer skills can be very beneficial to your career. Pretty much all careers under the IT industry is advisable for you, but these ones offer the best future: Web Design, Technical Writing, Webmaster/SEO, Programming, IT Support.
Should your weight count in promotions? Hospital chief's remarks linking weight to promotions spark debate. -- The Straights Times, Jun 26
We're pretty sure everyone has heard of this news bit already, but for the sake of those who've been too busy to check our the news lately here's what we're discussing in this section: weight for promotion. Does it ring a bell now? Comments by Alexandra Health chief executive Liak Teng Lit about weight being a consideration for promotion have become an issue to human resource practitioners. Mr Liak has argued that it's a must for health-care staff to lead a healthy lifestyle so that they can be good examples to patients.

It sounds reasonable (appearance after all, plays a role, albeit minor, in career development), but being underweight or overweight shouldn't be regarded as a penalty for us. What do you think?
A SURVEY by the Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA) highlights the challenges that risk managers face in meeting the Basel financial reform proposals. -- The Business Times Weekend, Jun 26, 27
Risk manager jobs are nothing if not stressing. This is specially true now that they are bound to face new challenges in an intensifying marketplace. We've included this news bit for your information.
According to The Hudson Report, 57 percent of respondents across all sectors forecast headcount growth in Quarter Three (Q3) 2010, compared with 54 percent in Q2. Just 4 percent anticipate a reduction in staff numbers. Over 500 executives across key business sectors were interviewed during May. -- JobsDB.com Singapore News Watch, Jun 29
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