Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In the spotlight: fulfilling engineer careers and working at Scania

Engineering is all about figuring out how to make things better or run faster. Engineering jobs like mechanical engineering jobs, civil engineering jobs, electrical engineering careers, and jobs in chemical engineering are desired because they are very fulfilling. Being an engineer means being a catalyst of change -- a task that's stable but not tormenting. Not to mention, such jobs pay good.

Engineering jobs have long been recognized by Singapore as great careers. We've already interviewed many happy engineering industry professionals for Industry Focus, but we're not stopping just yet. There are so many of them here in Singapore -- a testament to how greatly desired the engineering field is in terms of career. In fact, the latest from Industry Focus is about the engineering industry! Have you checked the article out already? If not, do so. Let this blog post guide you.

Scania is known for its passion for service. Three core values - customer first, respect for the individual, and quality - tie the company together. It's what sets the company apart in the industry, really.

So, what's it like to work at a company that's as dynamic as Scania? Very good, three staff from this engineering company have told Singapore. Their reasons? Varied but, it all boils down to Scania having a genuine belief in customer service.

Kamaru Zaman has been working at Scania as a Senior Executive for three years now. What attaches him to Scania is the company's generosity when it comes to career advancement. "It's really interesting working here as we are constantly learning about advanced Scania technology that is used in trucks, buses and even Scania fire engines which the Singapore Civil Defence uses", he have told us. Yan Guo Cai, Store Supervisor, has the same reason for enjoying to work at Scania. "Scania is a great company to work for as it really takes care of its staff. For example, all our food and lodging is provided for, and we are also provided with opportunities to upgrade ourselves. In fact, Scania has sent me for technical knowledge courses and even an English language course so that I can improve my communication skills."

On the other hand, Marc Drysdale, Senior Service Consultant, enjoys working at Scania because the company exposes him to different people and situations. "I like my job very much as I get to communicate with our customers and get their feedback on how we can develop better vehicles and products to serve them."

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