Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Motivation -- it should be "the cherry on top of your cupcake" if you're aiming for career success. Whether you're a top executive or a contract worker, losing motivation is detrimental to your career. Motivation has the power to make people perform better -- boring jobs become interesting to do when people are overflowing with motivation. Lack of motivation results to mental exhaustion and a non-resonant outlook in life. We need not say that lack of motivation can cause plenty of trouble not just in your career but also in your life in general.

What drives you to your job? Is it motivation or is it necessity? Being driven by necessity can make you a very dull person in the long run. Don't remove motivation from your career vocabulary entirely, just because it sounds fairytale-ish. Motivation also means 'earning money', but in a graceful kind of way. Invite motivation to your office space, try these:

Start with your desk. Having inspirational articles on top of your desk can do wonders in your career. Believe us, pictures of your children or your idol can inspire you to perform better in your tasks.

Keep a planner or a to-do list. Organization is critical to motivation. This helps in keeping your focus on what you need to do -- it thus, eliminates those unexpected over-times and gives you more time to rest.

Network. Socialize more, surround yourself with positive people. Keeping a company of negative people will prevent you from living a life full of motivation. Whenever you feel like throwing the towel, these people will speak words of encouragement to you.

Bad experiences = learning experiences. Keep this equation to mind. Positivity is all about learning from your mistakes.

Learn new skills! Attend career seminars or workshops. An active career development plan will open up to a motivational life.

A job seeker? Motivation is also important in job search. Looking for a job isn't an easy thing to do these days -- competition for Singapore jobs is very tough. Family and friends are the best source of motivation for job seekers. Don't isolate yourself! Let your loved ones support you. Some of your friends can even give you access to hidden jobs.

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