Friday, June 18, 2010

Headlines that Matter | JobsDB Singapore || Cycle 6

Cycle 6. We've been doing lots of news clicks. Today, we'll deliver.

Increase of jobs.
Unemployment rate down to pre-crisis levels.
Singapore bagged 4 gold medals at the APPIES.
ACCA urges businesses to focus on ethical reponsibilities.

*Singapore’s labour market continued to strengthen in the first quarter this year on the back of robust economic growth as productivity advancements jumped. -, Jun 15

*Singapore's economic recovery continued to drive jobs growth in Q1, pushing the unemployment rate down to pre-crisis levels. - The Business Times, Jun 16
Singapore's economy is recovering great. Q1 had been about companies re-hiring and job seekers finding good jobs, according to MOM.

Job vacancies rose by 4.3%, driven mostly by fresh jobs in the community, social & personal services, financial services and real estate & leasing services. Unemployment's down to pre-crisis levels. The economy's finally handing favors to job seekers. Contemplating on changing jobs? As the economy's doing great, it won't hurt to do it at this time. But we want to remind you of some things. Look down.
*An increasing number of skilled professionals are relocating in order to secure their next career step, says recruiting experts Hays. - Singapore News Watch, Jun 17
These days are good for benefits and salary talks -- the balance of power is swinging back to job seekers and workers. Workers are eying better opportunities; companies must enact measures in order to keep their best employees.

Have you been thinking about changing jobs lately? So, should you stay or go and take advantage of the momentum? We want you to evaluate your current situation first. Does it offer a future in terms of career advancement? Are you ready to face the consequences of changing careers?

Career Advice has articles about career change that can help you. We want you to make the RIGHT decision, so please take the time to browse through our archives.
*Ten of the most memorable marketing campaigns in the Asia Pacific region clinched gold medals at APPIES 2010, the region's first premier marketing and advertising congress. The 2-day event, held on 3 and 4 June 2010, attracted 105 best submissions. - Singapore News Watch, Jun 16
This bit had made our days when we first heard it. Hurray for Singapore! News Watch has the list of winners of the event. Do you remember these marketing campaigns? We do; they're rightful winners.

The APPIES had been an immense success. We're fans -- had been since day one. We're pretty sure you'll be happy to know that plans for a second edition are already underway.
*The ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) today urges the business world to focus more on its ethical responsibilities and on prioritising the recruitment of senior executives and financial staff with strong ethical compasses. - Singapore News Watch, Jun 9
A strong commitment to ethical business conduct on the part of directors and key staff is a strong line of defence against reputational damage-- this recent paper from ACCA argues. We agree. In the circle of "doing business", decisions play a large role. Senior executives who have a strong ethical compass have the capacity to keep things going at times when regulations exploit loopholes.

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