Thursday, June 17, 2010

The APPIES 2010 update: Singapore bagged a total of 4 gold medals. Leo Burnett clinched two top awards.

An APPIES 2010 update from Singapore News Watch

Ten of the most memorable marketing campaigns in Asia were recognized with gold medals at APPIES 2010. Singapore bagged four golds while China got two. Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and Australia walked away with one gold each. Leo Burnett clinched two top awards for their campaigns in Australia and Singapore. Criteria for judging were creativity, reach and the return on investment for clients.

"All the Moderators and the Assessors were pleasantly surprised with the passion and creativity each presenter brought to the event," said Ms Goh Shu Fen, Chairman of APPIES and Co-Founder and Partner R3 Asia Pacific.

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The APPIES 2010 update: 47 entries from Singapore vying for top spot. Total number of entries surpassed the initial expectation.