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Headlines that Matter | JobsDB Singapore || Cycle 8 *p1*

Cycle eight. This time, we're not late. And because headlines are overflowing, today and tomorrow will both be headlines 'eight'. Don't miss the part two tomorrow. =)

Dressing well at work is vital for sending the right message, say consultants. -- The Straights Times, Jun 28
Especially in industries where impressions play a major role (e.g. Banking, Hospitality, Medical Services, and Administrative) dressing up is essential to achieving career success. You're not vain? Need we say that dressing up is one of the oldest tricks in the career development book? Like it or not, impressions start in the physical aspect. A scrawny front will out shadow how good you are inside. Such is also the case in job hunting. This is the reason why we're very particular when it comes to giving our job seeker readers wardrobe pointers. Wearing a professional attire is equals to great impression -- it gives you that trustworthy characteristic and thus, makes you more bankable to employers.

The thing that makes us like this particular topic is that, it's very complex if you try to look more into it. Dress codes vary between job industries and the term 'dressing up' has many dimensions. 'Dressing up' for Bankers, Top Executives and the likes is not the same as 'dressing up' for Entertainers and Beauticians, for instance. The key is knowing the image your industry demands. We mean, who would take a Banker in a party wear seriously?

Even if you work or are planning to work in an industry with limited external exposure such as IT, Customer Service, and HR, keeping up in your appearance is important. We say, dress up the safest. For men, the basic shirt and tie combo will do. Women can go for simple dresses. And then there's also the skirt plus polo combo.

Mind you, we're not yet finished sharing our 2 cents about this topic. This article has renewed our penchant for discussing career wardrobes -- we'll probably post a full article about this within this week or the next. In the meantime, the article can provide you tips.

LOW-WAGE workers will receive more incentives to go for training from Thursday, when the Government launches its Workfare Training Support (WTS) scheme. -- The Straights Times, Jun 28
The scheme, which encourages low-wage workers to upgrade their skills through training, aims to ensure workers have a stronger foundation before they take on further vocational training. -- Channelnewsasia.com, Jun 28
We give plenty of importance to learning. Whether you're a Top Executive or a Skilled Worker or a Temp, it's essential to your career growth. Not all believe in this mantra, though and most of them are low-wage workers. We really like what the government has come up to solve this problem. Of course, low-wage workers will get interested to update their skills with promises of allowances and subsidies...which brings us to...
THE government has announced a programme for low-wage, older Singaporean workers who lack basic English literacy. It is to help them build a stronger foundation before they can take up further vocational training under the Workfare Training Support (WTS) Scheme which kicks off on Thursday. -- The Business Times, Jun 28
While English literary may not be a have-it-or-die aspect in Singapore's work world, it can be considered an advantage. We in JobsDB.com Singapore are believers of the importance of skills trainings and career workshops (We're pretty sure you know that already) and we want to give kudos to the government for coming up with this scheme. With this, not only will they learn but also earn cash.
SINGAPOREANS place heavy emphasis on customer service, and an unpleasant call centre interaction would likely result in them switching to a better competitor, said a recent survey by communication services firm Avaya. -- The Business Times, Jun 28
This is one reason why Customer Service is a high value industry here in Singapore -- Singaporeans give importance to client relations. Yesterday's blog post was partly inspired by this news bit, actually. If you're a fresh graduate and you're planning to enter this field, it's imperative that you re-evaluate your EQ skills and negotiation skills to see if they're competitive enough. The same goes for career changers who are spotting this field. You might want to check these Sales and Marketing workshops from LearningDB.com for they can help you with your endeavors.
SINGAPOREANS are in two minds about having foreigners in their midst. While many agree they are good for the country, a not insignificant number also feel they have been personally disadvantaged. -- The Straights Times, Jun 28
Interesting findings. In cycle six, we've pinpointed what the recession has taught businesses: the importance of ethics. This here is about what the recession has done to employees and job seekers. This report's a contrary to what most are thinking, including us. The optimism has driven Singapore professionals and workers to raise their career expectations. What do you think about this? Have you raised your expectations too as a worker?
Finance professionals are now expecting more from their jobs as the employment market continues to heat up. Employers need to proactively address this trend, or risk losing their best people. -- JobsDB.com Singapore News Watch, June 2
The recession's done and now's a good time for salary talks. If you're working in the sectors of Accounting, Banking, and Finance, here's something that you can use for your goals. The latest salary guide for finance professionals from Robert Half is now available at News Watch. You might want to check it out here: www.jobsdb.com.sg/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerArticle/newswatch?ID=387.

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