Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What factors do you consider when choosing job postings?

The pay? The workload?

If you're a fresh graduate, what you need to know is this: Career development starts in job search -- your job search will decide how your career will progress. Are you looking for jobs in the industry that you really like? If you like the arts industry, looking for IT jobs just because they pay well can be disastrous in the long run. Still thinking about which career to pursue? Make yours a fresh start. We don't want you to rule out options before you make some research. Only disregard things that you've fully researched and decided against.

For career change seekers, we don't want you to repeat the same mistakes. Why are you looking to change jobs in the first place? Did you pick your former job because it was the first thing to come along? Then don't do that again. Who do you really want to be career-wise? That's where you should be digging for gold.

But in today's job market, is being picky a practical thing to do? Yes, especially if you're a long-term kind of person. Plus, the economy's improving -- it's not as tricky compared to last year.

Job search is a crucial part of career growth as it will be the deciding factor on which path your career will move on to. Your dream job comprises of what? Good pay? Continuous education? Good boss? Laissez-faire working environment? Don't hesitate to use these criteria in your job search. Dissatisfaction is the number on cause of career change -- this is the best thing to do to avoid having to do such a risky career move.

What if your choice of industry isn't cooperating? Still, don't hurry things up. Why not take on several contract assignments in the meantime? There are two benefits to doing this. For one, it will stabilize your finances. Accepting temp jobs is particularly useful in establishing credentials too. You can also volunteer at non-profit organizations or attend career workshops and skills training to improve your general skills such as writing skills, public relations, analytical skills and computer skills and be more bankable.

How does JobsDB.com Singapore define "good jobs", anyway? We believe that a good job is one that can satisfy you both materially and personally. This job may not pay as high as other jobs but as long as it's enough to tend to your material needs and it makes you happy, then it's a good job for us. The key is knowing the importance of balance -- pick jobs that balance all your job criteria EQUALLY.

We wish you good luck with your job hunting endeavors.

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