Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What you need to know about work stress

Work stress is an inevitable part of a progressing career. It is not possible to get away from work stress especially if you are very aggressive in stepping your career up, but it can be combated. How, you ask? By pinpointing the cause.

For many years, we have been active users of social media sites. We believe such sites are great platforms to reach more jobseekers and professionals. Jobseekers and professionals alike, we have encountered many complaining about stress, hence this short commentary. So, what is our take on this? Singapore believes that combating stress does not follow the headache+paracetamol=relief equation. The solution to your work stress depends on its cause. Has it been caused by your coworkers? Or your boss, perhaps? There is no fixed antidote to work stress; you will have to identify the cause of yours in order to be able to take action.

The best way to combat boss-related stress is frequent communication, we believe. Let your voice be heard more often. Bosses are not psychics -- you need to tell your boss your requests so they would be heard. Communication is also the key to beating stress from co-workers. Perhaps you are just misunderstood? Tell your officemates your personal quirks and preferences in things in general so they would understand your actions.

Has your stress been caused by your job responsibilities? This type of stress is the easiest to address as you will only need to make little adjustments. Whatever your problem is about your job function, there are several common coping techniques that you can use. Time management, desk cleaning, staying organized, and learning how to set goals are great ways to improve your control over the stress in your life.

Do not worry, these are no-brainers at all. As complicated as it may sound, time management is just about recognizing priorities. Using a planner can improve how you manage your time a lot, as it will remind your of your priorities. We suggest you to try this. Planners are not that expensive after all.

As for desk cleaning, well, it is just a taking-out-what's-not-needed-anymore activity. It is not going to be a big hassle to you at all. Use your next free time to clear your desk from clutter. Your goal is to create a clear area right in front of you for increased productivity and peace of mind. Are we hinting you to remove all your displays? We are not requiring you, but if you are willing, do so.

Having 'clear' goals will also reduce your stress. Just like time management, a goals list will remind you of your priorities -- why and for whom you are working -- so, it has a direct impact in your personal productivity.

Work-life balance is the key phrase. Do not hesitate to get back at your hobbies or attend some interest classes. Yoga, perhaps? You might also want to start frequenting career seminars and training classes -- in such events, you will not just learn career tips but also get to meet more people.

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