Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Building people skills. Why it matters.

We can lie to ourselves and say that we don't mind losing readers. But even if we are a little bit full of ourselves (that we admit to), it's a common fact among media professionals that to lose supporters -- no matter how small -- is a major sign of weakness. In this industry we're in, support is as critical as loan applications are to the banking industry.

That's why we're always inquiring... always asking you to evaluate our skills in certain aspects. We may not be fans of the perfectionist behaviour, but really, it's a very effective way of fixing flaws. This is so we can eliminate those things that you hate the most about us ASAP.

So... did you miss us? Did we surprise you with our uncharacteristic silence yesterday? Actually, we took yesterday off with permission from our editors back at We just forgot to tell you guys about it. So unlike us? We guess we need to edit our schedules a little bit. Starting today.

And the rants end there. We understand that most of you are probably still in the where-the-hell-are-you? mood. So before anyone decides to smack us right in the face because of exasperation, we're making it clear that what's scheduled for today is a very, very interesting topic, one that we often receive career questions about. So don't be mad anymore, please?

Our objective for today is to discuss people skills and why it's imperative for a career builder (a job hunter, even) who wants to achieve career success to have them.

If you've been following us for quite some time now, you should know how much Career Advice can help in this aspect of career building. Communication plays an important role in career; if you want to get past the roadblocks without hurting yourself too much, people skills are where you should focus your objectives of learning.

Although those that it addresses are senior managers and team leads, we also want you to read Brian Tracy's 'Effective Communication' at The way you interact with your boss and colleagues can affect your work performance: It has been said that those who communicate well with their managers and coworkers perform better at work than those who don't. Needless to say, performing well is the key to a salary increase or job promotion.

For mature workers, according to Susan Dunn at, the key to employment after 50 is proper marketing of one's people skills. Use the fact that you've worked with different kinds of people for many years already as your major selling point.

This feature won't be complete without us promoting Kamal Kant's 'Building People Skills' at again, of course (are you expecting us to feature this?). If you want to really understand how important relationships are in the realm of career, this is a must-read.

How do you communicate effectively? Techniques are thought by career coaches and experts who specilise in career seminars and training opportunities. If you're eager to learn, there's always to bring you prospects to consider. After all, 'communication skills' is a category at for a reason. You can check schedules at

BTW, since we're already talking about people skills, we should probably bring back to your attention too that Career Events has set February to hold a presentation skills seminar. Details can be found at If you enlist now, you can give yourself a chance to win a FlowerADvisor coupon.

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But wait, hold on... we still have an announcement to make (and it just can't wait until Friday!). Get access to the greatest job pool in Asia wherever you are... for free! IPhone App is already available! See what we mean with the 'can't wait until Friday' rant?

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