Friday, January 28, 2011

Looking for a job in Singapore? The latest buzz in the job market, ed. 4.

It's Friday again! We suppose.... we don't have to introduce our agenda for today anymore? After all, we've written updates on Singapore jobs since a long time ago. Anyway, are you ready? We mean, do you already have a pen and notepad with you? Aside from the research we've done, we're also featuring a report from Hays Singapore and other announcements from our editors back at It's going to be one heck of a press release so you should take thorough notes. Very...thorough notes.

The NUS Career Fair is making a buzz. And naturally, as participants to the event, we feel great. Today's the career fair's last day but it sure has sparked hope and optimism to many job seekers in Singapore because of the many top employers who have signed up to participate. Given this, we're positive that our very own career fair, Career Expo 2011, will be as crowded with employer participants or more.

If you haven't found out already (for some reason...), the dates and location for the event have been cast. This shiny icon is proof:

Career Events will be providing learning and development aspects in the event too. There's no reason for you to not attend. Everything's pointing towards the "Go" side.

As for's a good thing that our editors already updated News Watch with the latest report from Hays. You know, the only jobs-related headlines we've found are about the NUS career fair, so.. yes?

According to the January to March report from Hays, the industries of Accountancy, Banking, Construction, Recruitment, IT, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, and Logistics are demanding more talents. So it's safe to say that there will be enough Singapore Banking Jobs, Accountant Jobs, Construction Jobs, IT Jobs, HR Jobs, Insurance Jobs, Pharmaceutical Jobs, Sales Jobs, Admin Jobs and Supply Chain Jobs for everyone until March. Hopefully, this will go beyond.

For specifics details, you may read the complete report at Don't forget to share us your insights below at the comments section. You may be excited or doubtful, or whatever. Just share them and we'll reply in the best of our abilities.

Now, the updates...

Many things are still ongoing including What's Your Dream Job?, the romantic photo contest of, and the offering of our free Iphone App. FYI.

We would also just like everyone to visit to check our's offerings for February. Interesting career seminars are to be held. You don't want to miss them. Singapore
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