Monday, January 17, 2011

If you persevere, you shall prosper. In learning.

We've been featuring and Career Events on this blog since a long time ago.What's the big deal? Learning and development may not be as complicated a topic as perhaps, stress management or career change (it's fairly easy to contemplate on, really), but the issue here is how you can get people motivated to mind their learning. It's an observation we've come up with after many months of writing such features. Marketing is more than advertising, apparently.

In other words, it's not about Career Advice lacking enough career articles to support our motives and make them acceptable by professional standards, but the difficulty is due to the fact that career resources come with a price and not all people find them worth spending for.

To those who've been following us long enough, how will you rate us in terms of featuring career seminars and training opportunities? In our feature about them last week, for instance, did our presentation incline you to at least visit and An even bigger question is, did you attend at least one?

Yes, feel free to use the comments section below to deliver your answers. We'll have them all compiled for taking of notes. It's the new year and we want to correct our faults in this aspect as early as now. Don't worry about us because we're perpetuating this Perfectionist behaviour for the good.

Anyway, January 22 is the date to remember for Career Events fans because our editors at Career Events have chosen that day for Audrey Quek's Unleash Your Image Power Through Dressing & Etiquette. At this point, the FlowerAdvisor vouchers already have owners, but it isn't to late to enlist your name to get counseling from a professional about personal branding and professional imaging. Go now at

How about This week is going to be a busy one for the website. Many are scheduled to take place and you most definitely shouldn't miss them. Schedules come in threes. Here's a complete list for your quick reference:

Jan 19 - Energise your E-mail Writing Skills
- Smart Time Management
Jan 20 - Success Skills for Secretaries and Support Staff
- Fundamentals of Corporate Tax
Jan 21 - Emotional Intelligence at Work
- Microsoft Office Productivity Buffet
- Financial Reporting Standard for Small Entities

* Jan 19-21 - Business Goals Workshop
Jan 20-21 - Import & Export Procedures & Documentation

For more information, please contact at 6861 1000 or email to Their individual webpages can be accessed at It'll really mean a lot to us if you sign up.

You can now start incorporating the seminars in your plans for this week because we're not planning on dragging this any longer. But we do have another announcement to make before we sign off for today. Will you listen? We know, you guys will, so...

To those who haven't noticed it yet (and wasn't able to visit us last Friday too), we've already shifted from to It's for convenience purposes, so you guys won't have a hard time typing our URL anymore. The addresses of our categories are now easier to remember too because of the change.

We've always been insistent on you getting our blog bookmarked, so you'd have instant access to Singapore jobs. This will make things easier. The extra space can now be used for other career concerns and probably, for answering other career questions. Do you have more time to spare? Appreciate the change by browsing now. Then tell us what you think below. Singapore
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