Thursday, January 13, 2011

Projecting professionalism. Some musings.

Hey you, yes you, how long have you been following this blog? If you're one those who've been with us since late November 2009, we don't have anything else to say to you but Thank you! Because you've stayed despite the rants and bluffs, you deserve those words from us. Probably more, even.

But you can wait until we can afford to give you a gift (probably, after we get a salary increase), right? Let's just leave it there. And before anyone raises a point on unfairness, we want to say Thank you to the rest of our followers too, including those who are one month short of qualifying as a loyal audience member or those who have recently just made it a habit to visit every day for job updates, career tips, among others.

No, we're not officially signing off. You can be sure that we'll be here to give you career advice (whether you like or or not) for at least another more year or even more. So, what's up with the gratuitous mood? Nothing really. This is probably just due to us lacking sleep, but we do mean it.

Both job hunting and career building aren't easy to go about; ergo, your relief is our business.

Heh. Cheesy mottoes aside, the mere fact that you're still reading this is a big deal to us. That in a general scheme of things, speaks a lot about professionalism, the topic we're set to talk about for today. We hope that you continue practising the virtue towards us (because really, we're not perfect writers), plus patience.

We find it very trivial too that we're actually capable of reaching this level of excitement, so are you already satisfied with our explanations for this conspiracy? Because we've already spent more than 300 words just for the heck of it. We should really start with professionalism now, so we won't incur more damage to our already suffering reputation in terms of keeping promises. Are you ready?

Actually, the plan doesn't involve anything too trivial so we don't really have to ask that as if we're afraid to take you by surprise. We're just planning to restate our ideas of professionalism in relation to the two main areas of career, job search and career management.

In today's work world where impressions play an important role, it's important that you know how to project yourself professionally in order to achieve success. This fact especially holds true for job seekers -- job hunting is all about getting the attention of hiring companies and top employers through paper and small conversations.

In terms of resume writing, professionalism can be achieved by following the conventions in writing qualifications. On the other hand, in the context of job interviewing, it's all about dressing according to the company's wardrobe preferences and practising proper conversing decorum.

Career Advice is very rich with career articles about this, so if you find our explanations rather vague, you can go there for further understanding. Sandra Sandu-Reeve's article at is a great reference so you'll end up highlighting what the recruiters are expecting to see. As for job interview, we want you to read (or reread) this article at by Aimee Young of Robert Walters.

How do we connect professionalism with career management activities like say, requesting for pay raise? It's all about asking only what you deserve and backing the request up with enough research. Andree Mangels of Robert Walters has explained it best in his article at

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