Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A job search strategy to consider.

Given that motivation and knowledge are both necessary to get noticed in Singapore's healthy but tight jobs market (don't look at us that know we've got career experts as backups), how is it best to approach a job search over here? It's simple: Do everything that will make you stand out. Which means you will have to...

  • Carefully analyse your strengths and weaknesses.
  • REALLY know what you want.

In other words, self assessment is a necessary step in achieving career success. Whichever field you are looking to get yourself in, banking industry or marketing communications or perhaps, the aviation industry, it will be your key.

So, is this going to be another one of our redundant articles about looking for a job, where we quote pretty much the same people at every time? Well, yes... almost. But it's for an understandable reason. We haven't written about job hunting in a long time. It's unfair because we've generated many new memberships December last year.

We're too busy minding about random, unimportant stuff that we don't know we've already committed a grave error. And perfectionists are supposed to see such an error coming and prevent it before it gets at its worse!

We're ranting..and we know it. So before you give up on reading, we're making it clear now that today's going to be about personalising job applications again, but this time, the discussion will be in general terms. Meaning, we'll be brief with our explanations and be able to discuss all the aspects of job hunting in relation to the concept, from fishing for Singapore job ads to resume writing to posting resume.

The concept of personalising one's job search is not new; it has been the most recommended suggestion from job hunting experts for quite a long time now, in fact. Because we really mean to make this short, the concept goes along as follows:

  1. Fishing for job ads -- If we have any takers, we'll bet that this is not where your idea of job hunting starts, no more no less.To be able to make proper edits to your resume draft, you have to have a list of job ads, complete with requirements as reference. As career expert, David P. Helfand, has put it in his article at, "If relevant career options are not identified, the remaining steps (researching career options, resume writing, job searching, and interviewing) become more and more difficult to complete and, when completed, are more likely to result in job dissatisfaction."
  2. Resume writing -- You probably already know who we are planning to quote here. But first, the basic idea is having specific resumes for each of the job ads in your list. The how question can be answered by reading Sandra Sandu-Reeves pointers at
  3. Posting resume -- kind of self explanatory, really, but the point that we want to highlight here is giving every version of your resume a cover letter. Here are good article about cover lettering on Career Advice:

    Writing cover letters that sizzle

    The "So, What?" Cover Letter Test

    Cover Letters - Do People Really Read Them?

    Your cover letter is the first hurdle towards that new job, so get it right!

Okay. We're done for today. Don't forget to visit us on Friday for our latest update on Singapore jobs. But if you have time to spare tomorrow too, your support will be very much appreciated.

Oh btw, what kind of industry news do you want to hear from us on Friday? We're kind of curious as to what our followers look forward to the most whenever we make the editions. Drop your answers below at the comments section. to you guys again, tomorrow? Singapore
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