Thursday, January 27, 2011

Job hunting? Questions to ask yourself.

A question for job seekers: How do you approach your job search? Do you apply for everything you see in a listing, like you're in a the-most-number-wins contest or something? Or maybe you do the exact opposite? Do you include a cover letter to strengthen the pull of your resume? Or perhaps you calculate all your actions first and do not just send a generic listing of your qualifications?

No. We're not being sarcastic on the last part. These past few days, we've been so busy answering complaints about deceit. Is the Singapore job market really healthy like what we've been establishing in our Friday updates since the start of this year? How come nothing's happening with your job search?

Yes, the job market is doing good. And there's no prejudice in that evaluation. A lot of people dream of building a career in Singapore, inside and outside Asia. Although there are plenty of Singapore openings, competition is tight. Ergo, applying for a job in Singapore is more than just resume writing and praying to every deity that you get to be called for a job interview. If you REALLY want to succeed (and fast), you shall not just write your resume, but rather, personalise it.

You will now just refer to the resume you've been using for job applications since the start as a draft. You will edit this draft following the requirements of each of those positions in your eye list.

Hard work? Yes, but it will pay well motivation wise. No more feeling bad because of neglect. You will at the very least be acknowledged.

Quite obviously, this is a follow up on yesterday's post about our general idea of a "perfect" job search. We are rambling, we admit, and one of your eyebrows are probably raised by now. But here's the thing: There are no two opinions that are alike. It is still up to you if you will follow this job hunt tip or not. But well, there's nothing wrong with trying, right? If you've been job hunting for quote some time now but to little avail, why not change your strategy to this? The change could be for the good.

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And we're done. If you haven't noticed yet, we're training ourselves to write shorter for clarity purposes. That's one reason why we're ending this unusually short. And well, we've got these two new icons to promote here. Naturally, they will take space. Heh. We're just kidding. Nevertheless:

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