Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Career resources about transferable skills.

Questions like "Why are you here?" and "What's your real goal? are not at all alien to us. In fact, we get them very often. Wondering why we exist on the web too?

We're far from being an encyclopedia of career topics (if only because we're very, very informal with our approach), here's the thing, but that doesn't mean we're nothing more than rubbish. To begin with, our medium is a blog.

In many regards, save for the fact that our purpose is to share helpful facts as well, we're very different to an encyclopedia. We want to be fun at the same time as informative, unlike the latter. Granted, blogs can be serious too, but we've always preferred wacky over serious business, really. Presented with a choice between serious or enjoyable, we went with enjoyable. Which is why we’ve been chosen as the official blogging representatives of www.jobsdb.com.sg/Singapore, in the first place. It's our editors' idea of effective blogging -- accepting us in makes for a perfect match.

So there. We differentiate ourselves in that we're informative but not boring to read (or so we'd like to believe). If you have concerns about this though, there's the comment section below and you can always send us a note on email.

But really, considering that we cater to the subject matter of career, isn't writing like this a little bit unfit? It is, yes, but it's also been pointed to us many times -- by our editors and some of our readers alike -- that our charm as bloggers comes from the fact that we have a wicked sense of humor. Neither career building nor job hunting is easy to go about; let's lessen the pressure and do well with light but meaningful conversations!

Wow, we sound defensive again, but that's a plus point to our credibility, right? That we're not flaky. That we really stand for what we believe is true. Anyway, we haven't set this appointment just to irritate you with blabbering about our preferences, so let's get to the real topic at hand, shall we?

Are we discussing the two new uploads at www.jobsdb.com.sg/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerIndex? Industry news and career change, as writing topics, have always struck us as challenging, but although we like challenges, we don't think this week's the right time to give our 25 cents about them. They came from very reliable sources -- one was from Hays Singapore and the other was written by an editor of ours, for one. Of course, we feel compelled to give these articles 'proper' tributes over here and it just so happens that we're still not prepared. You don't have to know the other reason (actually, we have a feeling that you already know).

We'll be straight here: what we've resorted to talk about for today is the topic of expanding career options through transferable skills. Many years of conversing with career professionals have made us realise that the concept is largely misunderstood. What does the concept mean, anyway? In what ways can one's transferable skills improve his job search or plan for a change of job? It's no longer an assumption that top employers and hiring companies see candidates with transferable skills as better than those who don't, so we hope you find today relevant enough and stay with us until the end.

In preparing yourself for a change of industry, you'll find that some of the skills you've acquired from your former job, can be useful to your new pursuit. These are what you call transferable skills. In today's healthy but tight jobs market, many are switching jobs for varying reasons. You can use your transferable skills to market yourself and get yourself noticed.

Examples? If you're with a technical support job now but wish to transfer to a receptionist job or secretary job in the future, your advantage is in your telephone skills. You've to know how to take advantage of that fact, though.

But fret not. You can end up with win-win strategies by reading some of Career Advice's career articles. For instance, this favourite from Joanne Chua, a manager at Robert alters, which can be read at www.jobsdb.com.sg/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerArticle/Career%20Guide?ID=406, has a portion on transferable skills, specifically how sales professionals can successfully transfer to the recruiting industry. Even though you're from another industry, we suggest that you read it too for further understanding (we admit to failing to define transferable skills properly one paragraph ago...so there.)

Are you in a job that is allowing your career to develop? You probably find this question familiar if you're an avid reader of Career Advice. Actually, it's a question from Kelly Services in their "Remaining Relevant in the Workplace" article at www.jobsdb.com.sg/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerArticle/Remaining%20Relevant%20in%20The?ID=572. Career change may have risks, but for some people (specifically those who've made the wrong decision at the start) it's the only way to achieve career success.

At www.jobsdb.com.sg/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerArticle/The%20Future:%20The%20Changing?ID=575 is another article from Kelly Services. Which explains why it has similarities to the one we've promoted about. Read it too.

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